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Owlet Baby Sleep Expert Live Chat (happening today!)

Hi, Bumpies!

We are so excited to announce that today from 2-4 p.m. EST in this thread, we will have a baby sleep expert from Owlet, Melissa Monroe, RN, answering all of your baby sleep questions! We know that newborn sleep and safety is on your mind at this point in your pregnancy—this is a great opportunity to ask those questions you’ve been wondering about. Be sure to tag @mmonroern so that she can reply to your question!

By taking part in the conversation on this thread, you're automatically entered to win a $100 Owlet gift card! We’ll randomly select two winners at the end of the chat, and each winner will receive one gift card. Click here for official sweepstakes rules.

A little about Melissa:

Melissa Monroe, RN received a nursing degree from Brigham Young University. After which, she worked as both an ER and Labor and Delivery RN. Melissa is married, has two adorable little boys, and is now enjoying being a stay at home mom.

See you soon! 

Re: Owlet Baby Sleep Expert Live Chat (happening today!)

  • Hi, Bumpies! Ready to start asking @mmonroern your baby sleep questions? She is here and ready to start giving answers. :)
  • Am I early? where is everybody? 

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  • Hey everyone! I'm excited to be here to answer your questions!

    You're not early @AfKash, we are here! :smile:
  • Thank you, @mmonroern! So I'm assuming you have used the Owelet. Is it just tracking the baby's heart rate? 

  • Hi Melissa! We're a couple weeks out from our due date and SO excited. I keep hearing how sleep deprived I'll be as soon as we bring her home - I'm hoping that doesn't last as long as I think!? When do newborns start sleeping through the night?
  • @AfKash Yes! I have used the Owlet on both of my little boys. Owlet tracks the baby's heart rate as well as oxygen saturation and will let you know if the values are outside of the normal limits. 
  • @mmonroern I've read that the sock falls off easily.  Did you have the same problem? If so,  what, if anything,  did you do to fix the issue? 

  • @Knottie1457379338 Congratulations! I wish you all the best with delivery and those first couple of weeks! There is nothing better than newborn snuggles. :smile:

    As far as newborn sleep, it's hard to have an umbrella answer! Every baby is so different, which I know is so cliche, and unhelpful. As a personal example, my first baby slept for 8-9 hours stretches from 5 weeks old on. My second, who is 4 months old now, still wakes up about 3-4 times at night to nurse. 

    Most pediatricians will tell you that babies are more capable of doing longer stretches of sleep at night sometime between 4-6 months. Some babies will do so earlier, and others (like my sweet 4 month old :wink:) will take a little longer to get there. Sleep deprivation is a real struggle, so just try to remember that it won't last forever, and ask for help when you need it! 

  • @AfKash Good question. I noticed that happened quite a bit with my first baby, but hasn't with my second. I think it must have to do with how chubby their feet are, or the way it sits on the back of their foot. 

    I have found it helpful to put a little pair of socks on their feet at night, or have them wear footie pajamas to bed for those first couple months when their feet are really small, and the sock is more likely to fall off. 
  • hi :blush: I'm so happy I saw this today! We'll be bringing our baby home the second week of January, and our house can get so cold! Can we wrap him up in a blanket? I've been reading that blankets are a no-no, but I'm nervous about his little body retaining heat! 
  • @ahowey0918 I'm glad you found us, too! Congratulations on your coming addition!

    I know it seems counterintuitive, but as far as sleep and infant safety go, the American Academy of Pediatrics is actually more concerned with their sleep environment being too warm, instead of cold. There seems to be a higher incidence of SIDS with temperatures that are too warm. 

    With that being said, we still want our babies to be comfortable! :wink: You are correct that they don't recommend blankets in the crib. However, there are some other options out there for your sweet little guy. I have personally found that if we are somewhere colder, it helps to have a bottom layer on, such as a plain onesie and a pair of socks, and then a sleeper with feet on it over it. With both of my babies I have chosen to use a velcro swaddle pod to help keep them cozy and tight. This keeps them warm, is an extra layer, but isn't loose in the crib to cause me anxiety. :smile:
  • @mmonroern Thank you so much! I have one more question for you.  
    I love in an apartment building and I have neighbors that smoke weed every weekend and that travels into my apartment.  I did ask my OB if it will effect my unborn baby and his answer was "no, there's very little effect. " 
    I forgot to ask him,  though,  how will it affect the baby once she's born? 
    I'm not sure if you would know the answer to this or not,  but thought I'd try asking anyways.  

  • Hi @mmonroern ! I am expecting by first baby in May and leaving my baby to sleep on his/her own is already giving me a bit of anxiety. I've heard it's best to leave babies in a room with low noises. Is this true? Do you recommend a certain kind of noise/music that help the baby sleep better?

  • @AfKash Oh man, I'm sure that would be frustrating after a while. I don't know the answer to that, to be honest. I would maybe give a pediatrician's office a call and see if they have any advice or recommendation for you. I would just try to keep her clear of the second hand smoke as best as you can. 
  • mmonroern said:
    @AfKash Oh man, I'm sure that would be frustrating after a while. I don't know the answer to that, to be honest. I would maybe give a pediatrician's office a call and see if they have any advice or recommendation for you. I would just try to keep her clear of the second hand smoke as best as you can. 
    Thank you!! Yes,  I've made a note to ask my OB at the next visit.  I live in a large building so I don't even know which apartment is coming from so I can ask them to stop.  Thank you,  again!!

  • @hbailey12 Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope you're feeling well! :smile:

    As far as the recommendations go, the AAP states that they should be alone in their crib or bassinet, not necessarily alone in their own room. In fact, more recent guidelines have actually recommended room sharing, just not bed sharing. Infants seem to sleep better when they share a room with their parents. I will add here, though, that every baby and every situation is different! :wink:

    With respect to noise machines, or white noise, I have personally found that a low level of white noise has helped my babies to sleep more soundly, and for longer periods. The going theory is that the white noise mimics the environment of the womb, where they were constantly hearing our heartbeat as well as the whooshing of amniotic fluid around them. It really is personal choice whether you decide to use it or not. It has just allowed me to not feel like I have to be silent during nap times. I can actually get some vacuuming done every once in awhile (if I'm feeling ambitious :wink:).
  • @mmonroern I'm expecting twins. If i decided to use owlet can i monitor them both using one app, or would I need to access two different accounts from separate devices?
  • @direwolfmini Congrats on the twins! :smile:

    Yes, that is correct. At this point, you have to have two separate accounts accessed from two separate devices. 
  • @mmonroern Thank you!

    That is a bit of a bummer. Do you know if that is something they might change in the not so distant future? I would think that moms of multiples would be more prone to try owlet, especially if they have preemies, and it would be more convenient to access 2, 3, 4 babies stats from one app. Just a thought!
  • @mmonroern I have my Owlet monitor, and am a week and half away from having c-section. How often do you find it needs to be charged? Does it tell you when the battery is low? I'm worried about it turning off in the middle of the night. 

    Also, do you use it for nighttime sleeping, or any time the baby is sleeping, including daytime naps?

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  • Hi! How often are you supposed to check up on baby while he/she is sleeping to make sure everything is okay? 
  • @mmonroern hi, I am expecting my first child and I am nervous about my baby sleeping through the night! 

    What’s the fastest way to get a newborn to calm down for sleep?

  • @direwolfmini Yes, it is a bummer. :neutral: I am sure that is something that the Owlet team is working to change, but unfortunately I don't know what the timeline would be for that. 

    But you are right! It IS a good thought! :smile:
  • Hi there - Do you have any recommendations on sleep training in order to help my baby sleep better and longer throughout the night?
  • @karabearrr You are getting so close! How exciting!

    I have found that it lasts between 10-12 hours on a full charge. I put it on my baby before I put him down for the night, and it lasts until I get him up in the morning for the day. I charge it between naps during the day, while still using it for nap time, and have never had it run out of battery. 

    If your Owlet is connected to the mobile app, you are able to see the percentage level of the battery under the settings while the Owlet is NOT plugged in to the base station. Also, when the battery is getting close to dead, it will send you a push notification on your mobile device saying that the sock is low on battery. Should the Owlet run out of battery in the middle of the night, the base station will alert blue and let you know, because the bluetooth will no longer be reporting. 

    As far as when you use the Owlet, that is personal choice. I personally like to have it on my baby whenever he is sleeping. :smile:
  • @Itsjennab Thanks for the question!

    As far as I know, there is no set recommendation for checking on your infant while they sleep. With my babies I have used a sound monitor as well as the Owlet monitor, so I have felt okay not physically checking on them as often. I think you will find that you will end up checking on them as often as you need to in order to feel at peace. :smile: And I think that is different for every mom. 
  • I've been told that the owlet is perfect as a supplement to another monitor. Is there a specific type or brand you recommend to go in conjunction with the owlet? 
  • @al_ros65 That is a perfectly understandable thing to be nervous about!

    Newborn sleep is just hard all around. It's new for you, and the environment is completely new to them. They went from being snuggled up in a warm, relatively quiet, dark uterus, to this loud, bright, and cold world! 

    I have had the most success with getting newborns to sleep better if they are fed, have a clean diaper on (which can be tough with a newborn! :wink:), and are swaddled. Other things that can help them calm down are to have them sleep in a dark, or dimmed, room with some low level white noise. 

    Every baby is different, and you'll find that you will learn what works best for your sweet little bundle! Good luck!
  • @Knottie61250420 Sleep training is something that every one has a different opinion on. I can try to give you some tips though, as well as some personal experience.

    Across the board, the best thing that you can do to help your baby sleep longer and better is to help your baby get into a good sleep routine. They say its never too early to start this, but I found that it was easiest to start between 4-6 weeks, when the newborn craziness had kind of subsided.

    When they say sleep routine, they typically mean have a consistent bedtime, do some type of wind down activity that cues to your baby that it is almost bed time (i.e. bath, reading a book, etc.), and even have the same bedtime rituals, so to speak. For my older son, we would get him in the bathtub every night at the same time, get him all clean and dressed, I would nurse him, and then we would lie him down and say "Night night, sleep tight, we will see you in the morning". To this day, we still have the same routine, and he is now 2! 

    I will give the caveat that it doesn't always work the same for every child, though. My now 4 month old refuses to allow me to use this same routine, and in fact doesn't think that sleep is cool at all for that matter! :lol: So there is an element of figuring out what helps your child sleep the best. My younger child loves to be swaddled and held until he is almost asleep, then he will let us put him down in his crib. My older child could be laid down wide awake and would soothe himself into sleep. 

    There are countless books on different methods of sleep training, so really it comes down to finding one that jives with your parenting style, and adapting it to your child!
  • @JustAnotherUsername16 Good question!

    Technically, Owlet is a vitals monitor, not a traditional baby monitor, so a lot of moms like to use it alongside another type of monitor (audio, video, etc). 

    I have used a brand of both video and audio monitors, and thought that they worked well. With my first baby, I used a Nest cam along with the Owlet, and liked the ability to see him, if he had flipped to his tummy etc. With my current 4 month old, I am simply using a VTech audio monitor to supplement, and have loved the simplicity of that as well. Not trying to sell you on either, those are just the products that I have ended up picking.

    I think it comes down to your personal preference and what type of additional information you're looking to get! If you need to see your baby, get a video monitor. If you just want to hear when he is crying, audio monitors work great. If you are just worried about him being ok, the Owlet is a perfect choice for that, and really brings a lot of peace of mind. :smile:

  • That’s all the time we have, Bumpies! Thanks so much for participating, and a special thanks to @mmonroern for all of her helpful answers :)

    Congratulations to our winners!



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