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What has been your saving grace for colic?

indy_chicindy_chic member
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We are hitting 3 months with colic. We have tried gas drops, gripe water, probiotics and none seem to resolve.

Any other suggestions?


Re: What has been your saving grace for colic?

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    BabyBoyH92016BabyBoyH92016 member
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    Early bedtime! One day we swaddled him up turned on the white noise machine and put him to bed around 6:30. I'm assuming he must of fussed a little (I can't even remember) but to my surprise it was much easier to get him to go to sleep early vs later. So now my little guy (also 3 months) has a bedtime between 6pm and 7pm (depending on when his last nap ended). We've pretty much successfully ended those horrible colicky nights by putting him to sleep before the fussiness escalated.

    Also baths. We have started to give him a bath every evening because he loves it so much. He is all smiles once in the bath. Good luck! 
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    We finally just turned on the TV, put on subtitles, and held her while she cried and watched/read the TV.
    There was just nothing else we could do.
    Time passed, it got better.
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    Baby wearing with a ring sling specifically has been my saving grace
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