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First haircut

I have 5 month old twin girls, one has a full head of hair and the other hardly has any. I was wondering when is it ok to cut baby's hair? Her hair is growing super fast and her bangs are getting in her eyes and it's really long in the back (which looks like she has a mullet lol!). Someone said I should cut it myself but I do not trust myself to do that! She'll end up looking crazy! Should I take her to a salon? I feel like 5 months is so young to be going to a salon.....I mean she can't even sit on her own yet. Any advice on this? Thanks!

Re: First haircut

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    I'd either trim the bangs a little, tie it back if possible, or use a head band. I'd feel a little weird taking her to a salon too but I'm sure they've dealt with younger babies before. maybe call and ask?
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    I would just trim it or tie it back, personally. As long as you don't cut it too short you can go to a Supercuts or something if you screw it up.
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