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December - I’m was adopted/in foster care! and I’m a birth mom!

“I’m was adopted/in foster care!” and “I’m a birth mom!”

Were you adopted or were you in foster care? Did you place a child for adoption? If so, please tell us more about you and your experiences. 

-Were you adopted, in foster care or a birth parent?

-At what age were you adopted/fostered/placed the child for adoption?

-Do you have contact with your birth family/adopted child?

-What kind of contact?

-How did you handle knowing you were placed/placing a child?

-Any tips from your experience?

-What was your experience, overall?

-Anything else to add?

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Re: December - I’m was adopted/in foster care! and I’m a birth mom!

  • I posted in last months, but I was adopted in a kinship adoption by my Maternal Grandparents.  Happy to answer any questions if people have them!
    TTC #1 since May 2013 IUI #1 - February 2015 - BFN IUI #2 - May 2015 - BFN IUI #3 - June 2015 - BFN IVF #1 - October 2015 - 7 mature fertilized, all arrested development prior to 5d blast. - major bust Adoption Decision - February 2016
    SaphireSweetie88[Deleted User]
  • Well...I wasn't any of the categories you listed above, but  we did adopt, my parents were foster parents all of my childhood.
    We do not have contact with the birth mom...we felt it was better for a closed adoption so she could get on with her life and so we could have a protected situation for our daughter since there are no normals for this situation!
    SaphireSweetie88[Deleted User]
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  • @Knottiec1ce60c4daf7992e  Hey, thanks for joining us! If you're going to stick around, you might want to change your username so we can remember who you are. You could also post on the thread for people who have adopted. You're the first one of our little group here who has already adopted so that thread wasn't posted for this month, but I'll go ahead and put it up and you can post there if you want!
    SaphireSweetie88[Deleted User]
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