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Pregnancy Fashion Advice- Pear Shaped

Hi ladies!!

I'm new to this site, so if I'm posting this in the wrong spot, I apologize!! I'm wondering if any of you are having issues dressing your pregnant body?

I'm 5'4", very pear shaped, big old booty, thick thighs, little waist and NO BOOBS, even pregnant, its terrible. I was a little chubby (for me, my husband and Dr consider it normal weight) when I got pregnant, still carrying 12 pounds from my stillbirth in March. I cannot figure out what to wear!! All the weight I've gained has gone straight to the hips and thighs. I don't want to wear flowy stuff, makes me feel huge, but anything that is too fitted makes me look really awkwardly proportioned.

I'm between a size 6-8 or a small-medium.  Any advice or suggestions would be helpful!! I wanna show off my little man's bump and glow but I just feel so awkward!!

I'm 18 weeks by the way!!


Re: Pregnancy Fashion Advice- Pear Shaped

  • I'm not super pear shaped, but with my first pregnancy my hips and butt got really wide (in comparison to everything else).  
     What I did was wear a lot of fitted maxi dresses (to accentuate the bump) and I would wear a kimono over the dress which hid the width of my butt and thighs 
  • I'm pretty freaking pear shaped and pretty much always have been. All my weight pretty much goes to my butt, hips and thighs and pre-pregnancy I was an A cup so virtually no breasts at all. So if I were picking out a shirt I'd get a small or medium but if I were picking out pants I'd get a large or extra large. Obviously quite pear shaped. When I had a BMI borderline anorexic a couple of years back I was wearing extra-small tops and my pants were still a size 6-8.

    I've found that pre-pregnancy the ones things that really looked great on me were things like A-line or fit-and-flare dresses, t-shirts with stuff going up at the neckline (lace, ruffles, patterns, cutouts, ties, pretty buttons, embroidery/patterns, SOMETHING to catch the eye) with pants and that sort of thing. And the t-shirts needed to be fitted through the waist because I had a small waist, flat stomach and huge hips. So anything that was baggy around my waist and stomach would make it look like I was just really large everywhere and I'd just look kinda... fat. It was just unflattering.

    Pregnancy I've found, so far, the same basic rules still seem to apply for me. Yes I have a growing baby bump so goodbye flat stomach and tiny waist. But by having the shirts, dresses, whatever more fitted up top shows off the fact that my upper body is pretty small (small shoulders, small arms, that kind of thing) and I just have a large baby bump. It makes me look relatively thin but pregnant instead of just really large everywhere. Baggy, shapeless tops that disguise the bump just make me look like my body has no shape or curves anywhere. Just kinda a large blob and those types of clothes are very unflattering, in my opinion.

    My mother got me a couple of maternity tops and stuff and she has always been one of those people who feel bumps should be hidden not seen. So all the tops she got me are pretty but they're all flowing, shapeless tops designed to hide a bump as much as possible. And they just do not look good on me at all, in my opinion. Though I may feel differently later on when my bump is even larger and I've put on some weight other places also.

    As far as maxi dresses go: I haven't tried one since getting a bump. I know pre-pregnancy they weren't super flattering for me since they tend to create a pretty straight line down and my hips are just way wider than my shoulders. The bottom of the maxi dress would either be a little awkwardly tight somewhere or the top would be too big. Ah, the joys of being virtually completely flat chested with a giant butt and wide hips.
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  • I'm almost exactly the same size and dimensions as you. I thought tunics and leggings would look awful, BUT they actually look really good. I loved wearing maxi dresses, but since I'm short, most maternity maxis are too long. I wear busy patterns up top and plain bottoms to distract from my wide load. Now that my belly is huge, it offsets the junk in my trunk. Hope that helps.
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