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Birth Control Woes-Help? Switching from mini pill to mirena?

Hey guys. Sorry if this is a long post...

So I've been on the mini pill for like 7 months or so. Maybe almost 8. My son is going to be 9 months on dec 6th. At first it was working fine and I wasn't getting my period which was awesome (I'm nursing). I was having some emotional issues where I'd get hysterical sometimes thinking I couldn't do it anymore. I was just exhausted because I wasn't getting sleep and.. you know the drill. Well, I chalked it up to exhaustion anyway. When my son was 6 months old I got my first period since he had been born. The only thing is I started getting my period every 2 weeks. This has been going on for like 3 months now. The only thing is my last bleeding lasted like 9 days (that's never happened to me before) and I went 6 days before starting to bleed again yesterday. This isn't like spotting, either. This is a full blown, sometimes pretty damn heavy period. On top of that, I've been such a hormonal emotional wreck. I don't even feel like myself or know who I am anymore. It's been extremely difficult. My mother suggested to me maybe to stop nursing and switch to the combination pill (I had taken seasonique before I got married-but only for 3 months-and didn't have any bleeding on that but who knows) or something else. I cannot even contemplate stopping to breastfeed though. I'm just so overwhelmed... I don't recognize the person I am. I've always been a bit on the moody side by I feel like there's this monster inside of me who is sometimes dormant but always waiting. I'm often snappy and b*tchy, mostly at my poor husband, and other times emotional and depressed/crying. 

I only go 6 days between periods and I'm convinced it's causing all my emotional issues as well as keeping me from losing weight, etc. I also get these weird cravings occasionally to eat a couple hours after I just had dinner. I feel like my body is such a wreck and it's just hard to keep going, honestly. I don't know how my husband puts up with me, no doubt he misses the person I once was. I know I do. So I talked to a Nurse Midwife (CNM) because I was just sick of the constant bleeding and needed to find out another option. She advised getting the Mirena IUD and said I could be having some irregular bleeding in the beginning but that won't be any different than what I'm currently experiencing with the mini pill anyway. I know all the horror stories about Mirena already. I just want to know if anyone switched from the mini pill to mirena and had a GOOD experience. I know the hormone doesn't really go through your bloodstream and stays more localized so hoping that's enough to help normalize my hormones a bit. I already filled out the form for ARCH to help cover the cost and if she can rush the application process I could get the Mirena later this week even. I'm just really praying that it solves all my problems. 

Would love to hear some good experiences. I'm quite nervous and just looking for people to help me calm down and remain positive about the whole thing. Thanks!

Re: Birth Control Woes-Help? Switching from mini pill to mirena?

  • I should add that all this bleeding has killed my sex life. *sigh* It sucks. 
  • I can't speak for the IUD personally buy my cousin has hers for like 2 years and likes it. She's gained a bit of weight but she doesn't mind it. My other friend hated hers and it cause many issues. I was faced with a similar dilemma as you. The bleeding was constant and unbelievable annoying. I wound up getting a slightly huge dose than my usual bc pill. I've been on it for 4 months now and so far, so good. I wasn't breastfeeding though so I didn't have to choose between the two. I had decided to quit early on because I wasn't the person I used to be and I felt it was making me a terrible mom and wife because I was a constant wreck. She's been on formula since sh was 2 weeks old and she's a happy, healthy, and incredible curious little girl.
  • Thank you for your response @nicolepelar ! I'm really hoping it works for me (still waiting to hear if they approved me for it or not). The only time I am myself is the 6 day chunks when I am not bleeding. It's like night and day, Jeckyl and Hyde. I don't want to have to choose between breastfeeding and contraception. :neutral: I hope it helps me!!!
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