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BUSTED! What gave you away?


Re: BUSTED! What gave you away?

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    I made the mistake of telling a coworker I thought I could trust. Unfortunately I'm sure she's told other people because I had another coworker come sit in my office last week and talk about babies for an hour. I'm sure she thought she'd get me to tell. Why is it that other people feel the need to discuss someone's business?  We are not far along and haven't even had an ultrasound yet. Im pretty uneasy and worry about miscarriage so I don't want to have to go back and later inform people if something happens. I just think it's rude for people to ask. 
    Of course we're praying all is well. 
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    It's the food that's given me away. I can make up an excuse for the alcohol (hungover, antibiotics) but everyone knows I love all food! Friends came over on the weekend and brought really nice French unpasteurised cheese. It was really nice to be able to share the excitement with them as we have been so cautious. Can't wait till we can tell everyone! :) For my work Christmas functions I've asked for a vegetarian option as I figure that will be safe to eat and won't out me! :)
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    And yes it's really rude! When I'm suspicious of a friend I might ask her when we are alone if she is still not drinking, and give her an opportunity to share if she is ready but I'd never ask outright especially not in front of anyone else!
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    Same, my husband's aunt wanted to make me a mixed drink on Thanksgiving. I tried to just say no thanks, but typically I don't turn down delicious cocktails on holidays. Busted! 
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    Not eating anything but carbs at thanksgiving and nearly puking when everyone was making coffee. My sister knew right away but I'm still denying it
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    At Thanksgiving DH's Aunt asked what I wanted to drink, when I said water and not my usual wine, she looked at me funny, so we just ended up telling them.

    I have my work holiday party coming up, and I have a feeling that some of my coworkers may catch on.
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    Insurance guy was at lunch and I was trying to figure out what is and isn't covered. So basically fessed up to my the art teacher who was also there and a sub in our building so I could get my questions answered.
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    Frickin Dr. Pepper.
    Its my go to and I haven't been able to stomach it all week. Then I forgot my water bottle at home (its not see through and it used to just have Dr pepper in it, but its been water all week) so I bought one on my way in and everyone was freaking out (like, why are you drinking water??) Damn my unhealthy lifestyle. 
    But I started to explain it away when the only person in my office I don't like goes "what, are you pregnant? Need to drink more water now?" In front of everyone!
    Y'all are right - that is so rude! I was gonna tell them next week if my Dr appt went well anyway. Right now only my managers know (since I'm running off to puke all the time). 
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    SummadazeSummadaze member
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    Ugh. yes this is my current situation...
    ETA. I was trying to reply to the one about being a boss. 
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    DH works in the craft beer industry, and my colleagues all know and love him, and my family's love of beer. Recently we had a small work retreat for the Europe team, in Brussels. Everyone was so excited and the bosses had even approved beer tasting (in small doses) over lunch each day. It was a three-day event, and my lack of drinking caused some raised eyebrows.

    This team is too polite to say anything, but I know that especially my boss noticed something is up.

    I am working at HQ this week, and the holiday party is Wednesday. I am trying to schedule an offsite meeting during the party (so sad!). If I can't get out of the party, I may just have to tell my boss about the pregnancy, though I wanted to wait a little longer. Otherwise, I just know that someone will call me out and make things awkward.
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