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GTKY - 11/28

How about a holiday/weekend recap? 

Re: GTKY - 11/28

  • I had a lovely time with family. I enjoyed helping in the kitchen though it gave me some back problems. Also my mother was sick with a cold and I figured, being pregnant, I was bound to catch it. So far so good though haha. But there's still time I guess. I'm not canceling my appointment tomorrow for a cold though for sure. 

    My mother took me Black Friday shopping and we got some maternity clothes for a great deal. I've kept putting it off partly because the bump isn't very big and partly because I'm still in denial. But I told myself I'd make my registry and start shopping for nursery items after the anatomy scan so I'm only a few days premature on the shopping. 

    Finally DH and I set up the Christmas tree and then went to test drive a possible used car to replace mine. Mine still works but it's 15 years old and it's a 2-door so not kid friendly. This one wouldn't be huge but four door at least with room for a car seat and actually has power locks and windows which would be a new luxury for me. Ha. :) Overall a lovely holiday and weekend. 
  • @hgrich yay for getting some maternity clothes!  Looking forward to hearing good news from your anatomy scan too!

    My Thanksgiving was ok, went to the inlaws and was able to avoid most uncomfortableness :) My daughter had a great time getting attention from everyone and so that makes it fun for me too. 

    I did did a bunch of online shopping over the weekend, a crib for the baby, a bunch of clothes for both my daughter and the baby, and the big purchase was a new oven/ range which get delivered this Saturday. I can hardly wait, our current one has a burner that doesn't even come on, the digital display is out so I have to count the beeps when I'm trying to set the oven temperature :) 

    My husband was home since Wednesday, so it was great having him home with us.  

    All in all it was a great long weekend :)
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