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Favorite pregnancy body products?

I thought this thread may be helpful for some!

What are your favorite pregnancy related products? Lotions, body wash, acne medication, stretch mark cream- or anything related.

I myself am VERY prone to stretch marks and am looking for the perfect creme to prevent. I know genetically if you are prone, then there's not a ton you can do.. but I still want to try!

Re: Favorite pregnancy body products?

  • This is my holy grail product for stretch marks. It really helps with the itchy stretching feeling and I kept using it after pregnancy to help them fade faster. It has shea and cocoa butter as well as a few different essential oils. I love that you just rub the whole stick on instead of getting it all over your hands lol.
  • @Koukonei I love that hands free option too! I need to look into that. I'm currently using Burt's Bees honey and shea body butter on my dry winter skin. I'd be interested in trying to reduce stretch marks too but it's pretty inevitable genetically for me. 

    For acne I'm using the Biore baking soda foaming acne scrub since it has neither benzoyl peroxide nor salicylic acid. I like it. 
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  • @HGRich I actually only got a couple of small ones on my hips and thighs with my son. My mom is covered along with most of the women on both sides of my family so I thought I would be too. I doubt I'll escape them on my belly this time though haha!
  • I've been loving African black soap products for my face (wash, toner, lotion, mask). Everything else I've used has just made my acne flare up, even stuff I was using prepregnancy.

    @Koukonei It looks like you can only buy the belly butter in Canada? I need something like this! I've been using vitamin e oil, argan oil, and body butter and it's just plain annoying getting it all over my hands.
  • @LittleChick2 they ship to the US :)
  • Awesome suggestion @Koukonei I will look for it!

    I've been using a microdermabrasion mask by vino vera once a week that I've been loving! I also have been getting Brown spots on my face so I'm using a lightening cream by bella b and am excited on its results.
  • I like the Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter to help take care of the itchy stretching tummy. My mom has tons of stretch marks, but I managed to escape unscathed with DS...don't want to tout a stretch mark cream too much (because there is a HUGE genetic component), but I think this one really helped.

    I have eczema on my legs and it flares up crazily while pregnant...the only thing that I've found that helps with that is the Aveeno Baby Eczema lotion, and it works wonders! Honestly, it works better than my steroid creams (which I don't use during pregnancy since they're cat. D).
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  • I've been using a combo of bio-oil and Palmer's Stretch Mark massage lotion.  I have stretch marks from having significant weight gain almost 10 years ago.  The bio-oil has actually helped in fading them a little and I just want to prevent any more from forming.  But if I get them, I get them, or rather more of them.  Genes are genes.  I do want to try that hands-free option though!
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  • My favorite is the palmer's tummy butter for stretch marks! Works and smells great 
  • Dumb FTM question: Those of you who are using belly butter-type products, at what point during pregnancy did you start using them?  I haven't had a lot of skin dryness or itching (yet) so I haven't been using anything, but after reading this I feel like I'd better start!
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  • @schef070911 I started using them right around the start of second tri last time, because that was when winter hit and my skin started to get dry and itchy, haha. I didn't really feel like I needed it until I actually started showing and my skin stretching out over my bump and getting itchy at like 26 weeks or so. I just started using the belly butter again this time (20 weeks) because, surprise surprise, winter is here again and my bump is starting to dry out, so it's a double whammy of itchiness.
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