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10.2 weeks and saw blood and now freaking?!??

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]I am 10.2 weeks and this entire pregnancy so far I haven't felt any symptoms and I've been freaking out because all my healthy pregnancies I vomited through the fourth month and my two mc I had no symptoms whatsoever. 

We saw and heard the heartbeat at 7.6 weeks and my doc assured me it's viable and I shouldn't worry! 

I am on endometrin, progesterone suppositories and for the first two weeks starting at 6.5weeks I discharged the white pill color. Last week I saw a bit of brown and red and my doc said it's from irritation of the cervix and I shouldn't be concerned. It stopped except for a few times when I leaked the pills discharge and it came out like orangy or purply and he said it's normal. Anyway yesterday afternoon I wiped and had red and a small clot on the toilet paper so I started freaking out!! My doc said I can come in Monday morning for an ultrasound and that no point in going to the er. Last night and this morning it cleared up again and I took one suppository at 2am shab night and one this afternoon at 12pm shab. Today at 3 pm I started seeing more brown and I'm not sure how I'm going to survive till Monday...plus the lack of symptoms is making me expect the worst...

Anyone have this and can calm me down?? I wish I had a fetal Doppler

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Re: 10.2 weeks and saw blood and now freaking?!??

  • Listen, you have got to stop adding photos to your posts or give some kind of warning. Hork.

    bleeding can be normal, but it can also not be.  Sometimes when on suppositories, it can irritate the cervix causing you to bleed, or if you have a bowel movement, that can cause bleeding too. My doc generally says that if you put on a pad and fill it, then that's cause for concern.  

    I would relax, put your feet up and see if the bleeding stops. 
  • Thanks I'm sorry! I did see more red when I wiped and real red this time. I'm not sure why it's not just leaking out or coloring the urine red but it was there when I wiped again. I'm sitting here crying my eyes now and just expecting the worst..
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  • I don't want to give false hope, but bleeding can happen for many reasons. I've actually had bleeding in four out of my five pregnancies (one being my current pregnancy), each was for different reasons (SCH, irritated cervix, hemorrhoids) and I went on to have healthy babies.

    FX your bleeding stops and your baby is just fine.
  • Hoping you get positive news on Monday. I know it's hard but try to rest and relax.
  • Bleeding is always so alarming and I'm sorry you're going through this! It really is probably nothing though if you aren't bleeding heavily enough to fill a pad within 45 minutes. And suppositories can absolutely cause what you are describing! I had spotting at 10 weeks (and freaked out) and my doctor just said it was normal but never gave me a reason for it. Hang in there and fingers crossed for Monday!
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  • I have got to echo @Assiram42 and ask please stop posting pictures. 

    As as for the bleeding, it's really hard to say but more often than not small amounts of bleeding is no cause for concern. Just try to relax and wait for your appointment. Hope all goes well. 
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