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DH and I are torn between two names for our second son due in February:


DS1 is James.

We are likely going with John as a MN.  Also open to other suggestions!

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Re: Help Us Decide!

  • Benjamin would be my choice out of those two. 
  • KyleeWallerKyleeWaller
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    My first thought: I think both "Alexander" and "Benjamin" are going to be given NN's among family and in school. 

    That being said, Alexander would be my choice, and I would immediately begin calling him Alex as a NN (because I like Alex better, but would want to give him the option of Alexander later in life). I also like the NN Al. I don't care for the NN Xander, but it is another option. While I think "Benjamin" is a solid name, and "Ben" is a fine NN, I really dislike "Benny," and I think it might be unavoidable. 
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  • @kyleewaller I agree with your point on NNs.  I don't like Benny at all and Xander isn't bad, it's just NMS.

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  • @BumpasaurusRex yeah! I can't put my finger on why I wouldn't use Xander myself, but I wouldn't mind if my son was Alexander and someone called him that. It's a weird gray area NN for me, I guess. 

  • I like both, Ben slightly more .  
  • I like both too. I prefer the nn Ben over Alex or Xander, so Benjamin is my pick!
  • Thinking of Alex over here too. Fwiw it's been at #8 for decades so it's pretty popular. I also like Benjamin and considered Bennett for nn of Ben.

  • With James, I like Benjamin better.  Would have pushed harder for it for one of our sons, but it happens to sound weird with our last name.
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  • I love Alexander myself, but my DH vetoed it as FN, and it will probably be our boy MN. 

    I know a lot of Benjamins and I've never heard one called Benny. I can't imagine that becoming problematic if they go by Ben. 

    Both are solid classic names. You can't go wrong. 
  • I slightly prefer Benjamin but with mn John I prefer Alexander because of the potential nn BJ.

    I also like all of the nn options- AJ, Alex, Lex, Xander that Alexander has.

    Honestly though, you can't go wrong with either :)
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  • I like Benjamin with John more than Alexander. 
  • Are you me? My DS is James and we were STRONGLY considering Benjamin John if this one was a boy, haha. Obviously, I think you have great taste in names. ;)

    DH has a thing for monosyllabic names, so he preferred Ben as a nn, while I was leaning more toward Benji. I don't think I've ever known a Benjamin IRL that went by the nn Benny, so you could probably nip that in the bud pretty easily.
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  • I think Benjamin John sounds nice, but then his first two initials would be BJ. If that isn't a deal breaker for you, then I don't see an issue. 

    Alexander John sounds very nice, as well. However, I think Benjamin flows a little better with James 
  • Both are great, strong names (we actually considered both for our DS and this current little one), but I would pick Benjamin. Love the nicknames Ben or Benji. 
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  • Alexander hands down. 
  • I was going to say Benjamin, but not with the initials BJ. So if the MN will be john, the I pick Alexander.

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  • Thanks everyone for the feedback!  I honestly never put the initials together until you mentioned it and it's thrown DH off a bit.

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  • I prefer Alexander! Mostly because I like the NN Alex much more than Ben.

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  • I like the way Alexander John sounds more then Benjamin John
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  • Alexander John sounds great! Alexander would be on our maybe list, but my son has too many friends named Alex.
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