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Help!! Low platelet levels!!!

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I'm currently 14 weeks 3 days with baby #3. I've never had any platelet problems in my other pregnancies. I just received the results from my first trimester blood work. My platelets are 35! Normal is 170-360. Anyone else have low platelets and if so this low in the first trimester?! I'm really worried:( my next appt is next Wednesday. Not sure if I should call my ob before then or not?

Re: Help!! Low platelet levels!!!

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    That is really low.. I would definitely talk to your dr about it..  do you have any idea what your pre pregnancy numbers were at all?

    I actually have just talked to my gastroenterologist (I have ulcerative colitis that flares during pregnancy) about my platelets today.  Mine are 80 as of three weeks ago (when I was about 18 weeks) and he is sending me back for another blood panel and a liver panel in three weeks as they've gone down each time when they should have been UP bc I had a colitis flare during my last panel. Last time I had a Pre pregnancy panel they were 189 so hoping that this isn't an issue but I'm glad he's being cautious about it! 

    One of my friends has a platelet disorder and has been a ton of help to me. Thankfully most people's platelet count goes back up towards the end of pregnancy.. so hopefully this is the case for both of us and won't be a problem! 
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  • Thanks so much for replying!! It seems to be a really rare thing because every page I post on about this I don't get any responses! :(  I talked to my ob today and all she would say over the phone is she wanted me to get the blood work done again today and she would discuss everything with me Wednesday at my appt! I'm praying the first test was an error somewhere and my platelets aren't actually that low! 
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  • Good luck!
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    Baby Boy due 04/07/17
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