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Two under 2 moms: Diapers bags

I would have posted this in the 2u2 board, but it's not active AT ALL so I'm hoping some of you ladies can help me! When LO is born, DD will be 15 months old. Would it be better to carry around one big diaper bag or a small one for each baby?!

Re: Two under 2 moms: Diapers bags

  • My daughter was 2 1/2 when my son was born, but she was still in diapers.  I just carried one diaper bag.  It was a 31 bag and worked just fine.
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  • Second the 31 bag.  I love mine!  I also used a large jeep brand diaper bag.  One thing I notice the more kids I have (on #5) I don't bring as much crap with me.  i also started a tub or bag that just always stays in my truck with extra diapers, wipes, and clothes.
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  • My 2 are 15 months apart.  We bought a laptop backpack and I'll never look back.  We put the changing pad where the laptop would go so it stays separate.  There are 2 big zipper compartments.  We put diaper changing stuff in one, toys and clothes in the other.  Another smaller pocket has snacks.  And there are two drink holders on the sides.  To keep clothes/diapers separate I put them in ziplock bags.  I can't imagine having a one shoulder bag and balancing the two kids (and at some point you will be carrying both!)
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    This one will be 20 months younger than DS. I think we will just go with one big bag, unless we are going away for the day. DH's family lives 2 hours away, so when we go see them I may pack 2 separate bags. 

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  • Those of you using 31 bags, which model are you using? I am obsessed with having enough pockets for things, and haven't found a 31 bag that I like yet. But, my mom's coworker sells 31 and she offered to get me a new diaper bag if I told her what style I wanted.
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  • How are you all dealing with keeping up with your little one? Mines almost 14 months right now and I've been so sick this whole time. I feel like I haven't been giving him as much attention as he needs.
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