Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

*TW* Intro

I have been lurking here since my MMC in October and wanted to reply to some threads but realized I never introduced myself here specifically (have been posting on TTCAL recently) so I wanted to make a brief intro and say hello.

I had a missed miscarriage discovered on our first ultrasound at 8w5d. Baby was measuring to date which made me think (hope) maybe they were wrong so we had a second ultrasound at 10w and when that still showed no heartbeat and no growth we opted for a D&E instead of waiting for a natural miscarriage. I use 'we' when I talk about it because DH has always been there right beside me, coming to all my appointments (even my follow up after D&E when I told him he totally didn't have to come).

This was our first pregnancy after 2 months of trying and we are in our early 30s so are hopeful that we can conceive naturally and have a healthy pregnancy (while at the same time terrified that we never will...). I've found a lot of comfort in these boards and am grateful for them even though I'm so sorry we all have to be here. 
BFP #1 9/2/16, MMC @ 8w5d, D&E 10/20/16
BFP #2 12/17/16, EDD 8/26/17
L born at 35+6 on 7/28/17 <3

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