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Potty training ... HELP!

We are in day two of potty training. Things are going OK. He threw a fit when I tried to get him to go when he woke up this morning, so I let him stay in his pull up through breakfast and then took it from there. I finally got underwear on him today and he is doing good with that. He was great about telling me when he needed to go today until after naptime. He wanted nothing to do with the potty. I finally just put a clean pull up on him and put his underwear over it (he had pooped in his pullup at naptime and didnt want me to clean it). Am I confusing the crap out of my kid? He has been peeing on the potty after supper/before bath for a few minths now and liked doing it. Now doing it all day, he seems resistant. He is most definitely ready (like I said, was using the poty before bath, asks me to change him when he is wet). He peed right through the unerwear And pants I put on him today after nap and said he didnt want me to change him. Then, I resorted to pullups and undies. Should I just let him keep having accidents? He goes to daycare and is home with me this week. I am afraid of what will happen at daycare if Injust send him in undies. Help! So confused. Can you tell this is my first kid?

Re: Potty training ... HELP!

  • I followed the Oh Crap Potty Training book method and it worked for my 23 month old. She says to keep them naked for the first 3-4 days and then introduce undies when they clearly know the sensation before they pee. I highly recommend reading the book, it answers a ton of questions! 
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