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Thanksgiving Chatter

I thought this would be a good place to have a convo about the upcoming holiday. What are your plans? Are you cooking? If so, what? Are you hosting? If so, who? What are you looking forward to? What are you dreading? ...etc. No need to answer all or even any of the questions, just ideas.
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Re: Thanksgiving Chatter

  • Going back to my hometown to help mama and grandma host this year. Helping cook the usual favorites and can I just say, I am beyond excited that thanksgiving is falling during the second trimester when I finally want to eat? Haha. We'll have a houseful of 30 people. Be good to see my grandparents and brothers for the first time since I got pregnant. Let them see the bump and hear the heartbeat. 

    Menu: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole (the unhealthy kind with marshmallows, fruit salad, veggie trays, stuffing, cranberry sauce, lots and lots of desserts. I plan to make Oreo truffles and pumpkin white chocolate snickerdoodles. 
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    We are braving the traffic to go home Wednesday afternoon/evening - a 7.5 hour drive normally, no idea how much longer it will take.... Lord help us!!!  My parents are hosting Thanksgiving for approximately 45 people - my mom has 6 brothers and sisters and most of their families are coming. Excited to tell everyone we're having a girl! My ILs are also coming as their extended family doesn't get together for Thanksgiving.  Pretty traditional Thanksgiving fare at our house - turkey (baked and fried), mashed potatoes, casseroles, and a small mountain of desserts.  I'm pretty pumped :)

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  • All of you ladies who are hosting and cooking are saints in my eyes! I just do NOT have the energy for that. And standing for any period of time hurts my back and makes me winded. 

    Thursday, I think we are going to my MILs. DHs immediate family did an early Thanksgiving last weekend, but I guess they are doing another one? If not, then we will just be sitting at home and relaxing! 

    Friday, my dad is hosting Thanksgiving. I can't wait. I love my dads and stepmoms thanksgiving way more than DHs family. They serve basically the same foods, but I think my stepmom cooks better. Also, they always have TONS of appetizers and munchies before the actual dinner. 

    I don't do Thanksgiving shopping, but will go out on Black Friday (before going to my dads). My mom has been on vacation in Jamaica (so jealous), but she promised a baby shopping spree when she returned, so I'm looking forward to that too.
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  • Some of you are having huge gatherings!  I've never been to a holiday with so many people.  Neither DH or I are close with extended family and they are all spread out even if we wanted to be.  My parents left town so it will just be DD,  DH and myself. DH does all the cooking.  I usually do dessert but he bought a pie and I'm not complaining. 

    Best part will be getting the tree Friday :) otherwise,  keeping my feet up as much as possible.  
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  • We're flying to the in-laws for a family reunion and thanksgiving dinner. Only thing I'll be helping with is cleanup and cookie decorating since everything is always ready to go when we get there. I'm looking forward to seeing the uncles hang out with their nephew and a mini vacation! I always enjoy spending time with the in-laws and hope to get some shopping in as well.

    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I don't mind cooking either, but look forward to a break.
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  • We are visiting both sets of parents. Driving 7-8 hours to see the ILs on a Wednesday. Then Friday morning after we shop we will drive 5 hours to my parents. Then another 5 hours home on Sunday. Not looking forward to all the driving but I am excited to see everyone and eat all that yummy food!
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  • Going to my mom and dad's house, which is pretty much 10 minutes from our house.  I'm in charge of making the green bean casserole, which I hope comes out good.  Last year I tried making "cream cheese corn" and it was a total flop!  Everyone hated it and didn't eat it, so I'm hoping to redeem myself this year!
  • We were supposed to host but my SILs family (mom, sister and nephew) invited themselves and always start drama so we are doing it at my parents house bc my mom felt bad telling them no and I refuse to let them take over my house. It works out anyway bc Husband's grandmother is coming to town for probably the last time so we'll skip out early to see her.

     I will be helping my mom make all the food.. we are having

    Deviled eggs, Ham roll ups, pepperoni cheese and crackers and veggies with dip

    Main course:
    Turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, Broccoli Cheese & Rice casserole, corn, butternut squash, cranberry sauce, rolls and green beans

    Apple pie with Ice cream, pumpkin pie, peanut butter pie, chocolate pudding pie, variety of cookies, fudge and peanut butter bars.
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  • SO and I are hosting thanksgiving for the first time! There will be 25 (or more) people so it's been stressful but we're really excited. I was pregnant with DD last thanksgiving and was in the hospital that day so I'm happy I actually get a thanksgiving this year! The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the clean up afterwards.
  • We are heading down South to be with my family this year. We keep things simple, and my aunt and grandma usually make stuff ahead of time. I don't think I'll have to cook, so that will be nice since the last time I was pregnant over Thanksgiving, I over did it and wanted to scream. I will miss wine and beer :disappointed:
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  • We are having my parents and brother over to our house. My mom is helping me cook so it will be fun. I have to split things over a couple days in preparation...

    Tonight I'm making desserts: cheesecake, cookies, and pumpkin bars

    Tomorrow night: I have to roll out my dumplings and let them sit over night

    Thursday's full menu:
    Fried Turkey (we no longer do traditional turkey)
    Chicken and Dumplings
    Mashed Potatoes and gravy
    Green Beans cooked with bacon
    Glazed Carrots

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  • We're going to the in laws and all I have to do is make sweet potato souffle.  My MIL is making a ham and a turkey for 5 adults and 3 kids lol.  She was fretting on the phone last night about having enough food.  She always has way too much.

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  • Everyone's menus have me drooling more than usual! My in-laws are in town and one good friend will be over, so we have a small crowd but I'm cooking for an army. I bought a 22 lb bird!

    Our menu:
    Roast turkey (and hopefully homemade gravy if the drippings are sufficient)
    Mashed potatoes (hand mashed russets with ridiculous amounts of butter, milk, and just the right amount of salt n pepper. The main dish, imo, nicely complimented by the turkey)
    Baked corn casserole
    Sweet potatoes in some form (I want marshmallows but MIL doesn't)
    Mixed veggies
    Green salad
    Cranberry sauce
    Rolls with butter
    Pumpkin, apple, blueberry and possibly chocolate pies.

    I'm so hungry already!!
  • @lovelongdog06 play the pregnant card and get those marshmallows! Haha 
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  • @lovelongdog06 4 pies?!  You're my hero. 
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  • @lovelongdog06 have you ever used caned condensed milk in your mashed potatoes... I'm telling you it's a life changer! Makes the potatoes have a nice rich flavor
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