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Empty gestational sac at 9w2d...now what?

Hello...I had a painful natural miscarriage at 4 weeks about 6 years ago and yesterday for my 9 week ultrasound, the sac was completely empty and only measuring at 6w2d. My doctor told me there's a very slight chance everything is fine, but since she can't find a yolk sac that I should prepare to miscarry. I do not want a D&C as I feel like that will make me even more upset. I really don't know what to expect or what to think and am devastated. Especially since my pregnancy symptoms are still as strong as ever. Does anyone else have advice they can give me? I have no cramps and not a drop of blood, how long is this going to take?

Re: Empty gestational sac at 9w2d...now what?

  • I'm so sorry for what you're going through, sadly there's no way to predict if or when you will miscarry, it's one of those limbo moments, you either get and d & c and be done with it or you wait it out, it's entirely your decision and there's no wrong or right. Just be kind to yourself whatever happens. 
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  • I  am sorry for your loss.. I was in similar shoes. They forced me to wait until I was nearly 11 weeks to get a D&C and I cannot even express how much the wait hurt me psychologically and perhaps physically  (i now have irregular cycles with pain, hypothyroidism and prehypertension?!) When I found out about my blighted ovum I was told I could miscarry at anytime, which made me afraid to even leave my house. I had strong pregnancy symptoms right up until the surgery.

    Only around that time did my HCG level stop rising and dipped only slightly. I would suggest getting your HCG tested a few days apart. If it is dropping or not dropping, you may get more insight on what your body is doing and choose to wait it out or go through with the procedure.

    This was my experience. But everyone is different. I hope you make the decision you feel is right for you.
    TW: Loss
    EDD: 1/14/2017 : Blighted Ovum : D&C @ 10w6d

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