FFFC 11.18.2016 — The Bump
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Re: FFFC 11.18.2016

  • I'm a whole section behind on my homework and can't muster up the drive to do it.
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    Pushed my return back to work back a week. Financially, i should return as planned. But other than that i have no regrets.  
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  • I started working from home yesterday because I don't get any paid leave, so I used 4 weeks PTO then the last 2 weeks I'll be working from home. Anyways, it's not going so well, baby doesn't like when I put her down and my brain won't think, so minimal work is happening so far.
  • I've been really good about eating the meals I prep but today I'm just starving no matter what I eat. I just sent DH to get me a Big Mac and I'll probably regret eating it after the fact.

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