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TMI Tuesday 11/15

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  • I have a question for any of the other formula feeders, how often does your LO poop? We recently increased the amount of formula we're feeding her each time and she has been pooping a lot more often now, like 4x a day! just curious if this is normal or if I should call the ped.
  • My LO is a month old yesterday and we feed 100ml every 2.5-3hrs and he poops usually once s day to every other day. When I switched from BM to formula he got really constipated and with a little stimulation he went in no time. 
  • I exclusively formula feed and my LO has been constipated about every other day. When she finally goes it's almost never ending (just a little exaggerated). I wish she would go more often because she looks like she's in such pain and won't sleep.

    My TMI: my bleeding keeps fluctuating between manageable and super heavy. And it hurts to sit on the toilet for very long. I'm hoping I just need more time and rest.   

  • Johnny only poops once a day to every other day now that he's exclusively formula fed. I remember this happening with Jimmy when he transitioned so I bought a premix bottle of Enfamil Reguline and it helped so much! I plan to get some for Johnny too.

  • Anyone else want to play "count the bodily fluids currently on my shirt"?!

    Me: 32 & DH: 37
    Married: November 2014
    TTC #1 Since: October 2015
    BFP #1: 11/18/15 - CP
    BFP #2: 2/8/16 - EDD 10/20/16
    IT'S A BOY!!!!
    DS Born 10/16/16

  • @jek2016 I remember it hurting to sit on the toilet for a while- felt like my stitches were pulling. This too shall pass :) 
  • Spit up is the new accessory, it really gives my "outfit" (aka pj's or lounge wear most days) that extra something special  :p
  • @ashleyp625 that's just what I need to hear, thanks! It feels never ending, but reassurance is great! 

  • jek2016 said:
    @ashleyp625 that's just what I need to hear, thanks! It feels never ending, but reassurance is great! 
    I feel like it may have been 4 or 5 weeks. I'm 6 PP now, and it's gone. 
  • My cystic acne has returned with a painful vengeance... please Nexplanon, get to work and keep this at bay!
    Being pregnant or on BC is the only time my face isn't broken out like a teenage boy.
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