July 2017 Moms

Hii! July mommies!

this is my second little love due the 21st!
congrats to everyone!

Re: Hii! July mommies!

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    Welcome! Make sure to read the "read this first post" as it will give you some insight into our threads. This one, for instance, would have been perfect under the introductions thread pinned up at the top.
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    @osucma I thought that's where it went lol I'm trying to figure out how to work it lol 
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    Glad you are here! Friendly word of advice, you should change your username so it isn't your actual name - while I would stake my life on most people I have met through here there are always weirdos and catfish. It's also why it's smart to not join a facebook group until we have weeded out the crazies. 
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