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Weekly Pregnancy Chatter 11/14


Re: Weekly Pregnancy Chatter 11/14

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    @satsumasandlemons You are right. I was 14 dpo yesterday when I had my beta drawn. I thought I implanted at 6dpo but I doubt it now. I had another tiny dip at 10 dpo so I think that's right. I will look for that thread.
    **TW loss mentioned **

    12 miscarriages in first marriage (2007-2011)
    Surprise BFP - 06/2013
    Daughter stillborn at 22 weeks - 09/09/2013
    Married my best friend - 09/03/2016
    Genetic testing came back with APS - 10/03/2016
    TTCAL - 10/21/2016
    BFP - 11/18/2016
    EDD of Rainbow baby - 07/30/2017
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    MimoCa said:
    @smorzandoj me too except this is my first and I'm like do I even need a crib?
    That's about where I'm at.  We were ttc for a while, not sure if it was going to happen or not, and honestly I don't even have a room for LO at this point.  DH keeps saying, how much space does a baby need anyway? XD
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