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Petty Problem Saturday 11.12.2016

Re: Petty Problem Saturday 11.12.2016

  • My sister keeps hinting at making plans with me but won't commit and then will text me and want to meet up right away. Basically, she's waiting to see if anything better comes up. Hello, I have a newborn. I cannot drop everything and meet you for lunch. 

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  • If she does it again, ask her if she's going to pick you up. 
    Easy way to find out how serious she is about wanting to spend time with you.
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  • @MRSCORKER I hate that! 

    A true petty problem (apart from my dh rant on fb) is that an overprice accessory that I don't need but I wanted is already sold out. I had it in my cart yesterday but couldn't commit, and now I'm sad. 
  • I was waiting for Jake to poop so I could give him a bath and he hasn't gone yet. Ugh. 
  • I'm getting a fever blister on my nose... A week after I just had a colossal one on my face. 
  • My face is breaking out. Wtf hormones
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  • My dye is fading and my roots are showing  :'(
  • @AllyTheKid same! I didn't have time while I was working to get my hair done and then when I was out of work before she came my hairdresser wouldn't let me in her chair (she said I was too close to my due date for her comfort). Now I don't have time but my roots are about three inches long and completely gray (which is pretty embarrassing considering I'm not yet 28). 

  • kmyers228kmyers228 member
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    My hair is also in desperate need of TLC, I haven't had it highlighted since I was in the 2nd trimester, my roots are insane! I hate spending the money/time getting it done, but gonna have to bite the bullet and do it before I go back to work.
  • I do my own hair, and finding the time to do that is impossible on its own, the idea of going to a salon is mythical to me haha And driving to the beauty supply store and actually getting the toner I need isn't going to happen anytime soon.
  • Ombré? Aren't people paying to have their hair done like that these last few years?  :D
  • @maf9866 Hahaha that's a sly way to get away with roots ;)

    If I didn't keep my hair platinum/silver and have dark blonde/brownish roots I'd try it... but my grow-out just makes me look trashy.
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