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Girl names inspired by songs

Hi all!

One of my favorite songs is Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey. I'd love to find a song that beautiful to name my DD after. I've been listening to different Pandora stations trying to find an inspiration but no luck. Any suggestions??

BTW- Our last name is Thompson.

Re: Girl names inspired by songs

  • To clarify, you specifically want a name that is a song title?
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  • Nope- can be a name that's inspired by a song or mentioned in a song as well!
  • I love the name Roxanne, just feel a little weird naming a girl that because of Sting & The Police's song. Maybe in a few more years?
  • Caroline - "Sweet caroline"
    Clementine - "Clementine"
    Emily - "For Emily Whenever I May Find Her"
    Iris - "Iris"
    Ramona - "To Ramona"
    Amanda - "Amanda"
    Diane - "Jack and diane"

  • Does it count if it's from a Disney movie?  My daughter's name is Evangeline and there's a song in Princess and the Frog called Ma Belle Evangeline.
  • I love the name Roxanne, just feel a little weird naming a girl that because of Sting & The Police's song. Maybe in a few more years?
    I was just going to suggest this! I love it.
  • love Evangeline!  <3
  • Maggie.
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  • Evangeline is actually a really good song by The Band/Emmy Lou Harris. The Evangeline of the song is not a lucky lady though - not sure it'd be doing a daughter any favors to name her for the song. The name Evangeline has a very rich history including the poem by Longfellow and there is also a tale of an Acadian hero named Evangeline who nursed the dying back to life during the Acadian Expulsion. I know there is also meaning to the name Evangeline in Louisiana culture (Acadian and Cajun people are related) but I am Acadian so not familiar with that. I'm also not familiar with the Disney movie but wanted to let you know some other important references that make this name so special. 
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    My first thought was Magnolia from Sugar Magnolia by Grateful Dead. Cherie from My Cherie Amour by Stevie Wonder, Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac and I have a friend named Jasmine and I sing her the Summer Breeze song ha.  I also love the name Jolene & there are 2 fantastic songs titled Jolene by Dolly Parton & Ray Lamontagne but both are kind of sad.  This is a cool list:
  • Oh yeah and Georgia from Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles!
  • I would highly recommend researching some of these names and the way the song uses them really carefully... Sweet Caroline has always creeped me out and Jolene is the woman Dolly wants to stay away from her husband. Caroline is a great name but if you say "we named her after the song" that could be very awkward.

    Evangeline is one of my favorite names. 
  • There is also Melissa by the Allman Brothers Band. it's a story about a man with a drifters heart but he always returns to Melissa

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