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New here..

Ladies, I just need an opinion.. I know none of us (well most of us) aren't doctors but I'm posting this because I need a piece of mind or something.. I'm calling my obgyn in the morning no matter what but I don't know what's going on with my body right now... Last month I did a round of Letrozole and the day before I was able to pregnancy test I got my period.. I'm assuming it's my period but it's unlike any I've ever had before... It's SUPER heavy, I'm soaking a new tampon and pad EVERY hour, occasionally less than an hour, and today makes day six of it and I've been clotting every single day, every single time I go to the bathroom or even when I'm not doing anything... Of course I googled it and am now nervous.. Does this sound like a miscarriage? Keep in mind I am already calling my doctor in the morning. Thanks in advance ladies.

Re: New here..

  • I dont think theirs anyway to know if its a miscarriage until you do Dee your Dr. 
    It doesn't sound good tho. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. 
    For my first miscarriae it was a missed miscarriage and I didn't have nearly as much bleeding as you're describing. 
    My most recent miscarriage tho I did bleed quite a lot around as much as you're describing. 
    I'm sorry I'm not much help. I'll be thinking about you tonight. Let us all know what the Dr says if you feel comfortable. 
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