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Omg! I had to wear maternity pants today


Re: Omg! I had to wear maternity pants today

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    I have been consistently wearing a nursing tank top for the past 3 years. I haven't nursed my daughter in over 2 years... just so comfy! also- thank you for bringing ip the bloat! I feel so gassy and bloated all the time. Much different than last time!
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    My DD is 11 months, but I never stopped looking 4-5 months pg, kinda sucked. But the moment I got my BFP I got the box of maternity clothes out and washed them! Such a relief to be in them again, though it is clearly not because of this pregnancy yet! 
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    BFP for #2 11/22/16

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    @MaMinette13 I think you should feel proud of yourself for having put them away! My son is 10 months and only occasionally do I stuff myself into non-maternity clothes. I lost almost all the weight but my old clothes are NOT comfortable. 
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    @baxgirl I definately bought new bras twice with my last pregnancy. Before pregnancy I was an A cup and by the end, probably a b or small C. However, once the milk came in after delivery I measured a DD per the lactation consultant so had to buy even bigger bras at that time. Do what feels best for you. 
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