Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Lower abdominal cramp and tight feeling

It is almost a month since i miscarried but why do i stll feel cramp and tight feeling at my lower abdominal? is this a sign of complication or is this a normal process that i have to go through till i have my first period after miscarried?

Re: Lower abdominal cramp and tight feeling

  • I don't have experience with this but I feel like if you question anything just call your DR and ask. And don't research on google.  I researched my pains after my ectopic and got really worked up and almost went to the hospital before I realized it was just, ahem, gas!
  • I'm so sorry about what you're dealing with. 
    It very well could just be your body having gas, or even things changing due to the miscarriage. 
    If it were me I would make an appointment with my Dr just to get checked out. Better safe then sorry. 
    Hope the pains stop soon. 
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