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New baby/jealousy issues

Anyone with Littles that are pretty close?? My sister and I are nearly 10 years apart so I was old enough to understand the changes... is the jealousy a big factor, does it make it harder? I don't want to become that parent that focuses on one child more and definitely don't want my son to feel like I will be. But I can see already how clingy he is to me and she's not even here yet. Just wondering and looking for advice lol

Re: New baby/jealousy issues

  • My LO is 3.5 months old...so the 2 are almost 13 months apart. My oldest (16.5 months) was very jealous the first month, the second month she was uninterested and by month 3 she loves her sister very much. she is always giving her kisses and trying to hold her. the first couple months were hard because my oldesr didnt understand since shes so young...but it quickly got better. Just hang in there, give them both attention and lrt your oldest be apart of the new babies day to day as much as u can. Good luck!
  • Thank you! I am a little worried since my fiance works 1st shift and I work second, my son is used to having me all day. I've been working on saying hi sissy, hi baby with him and getting him used to the idea, but until she's here I don't think he'll understand haha but I'm excited, just nervous to have the jealous syndrome lol

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