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  • Omg I love  the graphic for this week!! I loved Ren and Stimpy.
  • @kmyers228 I was hoping at least one other person would appreciate that as much as I did!
  • I'm feeling super down about having had a c-section because I feel like such a prisoner in this house. Because of the whole no heavy lifting thing, which is nothing heavier than your baby, I can't do anything while DH is at work. Taking the baby anywhere involves putting her in the carrier which is heavy and I live on the 3rd floor of an apt bldg so that makes it even worse. I had envisioned at least being able to take baby for walks in the stroller to get out, but can't even do that. So bored and stir crazy.
  • @kmyers228 can you babywear? You could at least go for a walk since you wouldn't have to lug the car seat. I don't like being stuck at home either. 
  • @ashleyp625 I have a baby Bjorn thing but unfortunately LO is too small for it, it says they should be 8lbs and she's just 6lbs, so her head wouldn't be sticking out quite far enough yet in it.
  • @kmyers228 I don't know how I'm going to do anything when my mom leaves tomorrow. I have my (almost) 4 week PP check up on Monday and I'm going to ask if I can carry at least the car seat + baby. As it is DH has to take a half day to help me get LO to the dentist. He doesn't have any vacation time saved up, so he just has to take off unpaid :(
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  • Yea @chriscasey33 it stinks! I hate having to rely on my DH so much , I just want to do everything I normally do already, even the vacuuming lol. I'm still kind of sore under the incision so that makes me not want to try and lift the carrier yet, definitely don't want to prolong the healing process. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be  good to go.
  • I'm struggling with "missing" DS1 because my time is mostly spent nursing baby. I'm not at all resentful of baby, but I miss playing with DS, reading to him before bed (I've gotten two twice since Baby was born because baby was asleep), and just having him be my sole focus. 

    The thing is, DS is adjusting really well to being a big brother. Better than I am!

    I also have some bad baby blues right now - 
    mostly after the sun goes down (which is so early now!). So, it all seems way worse at night. I shook my blues after a couple of weeks with DS, so I'm hoping these hormones level out soon. 
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  • @F47 My baby blues hit me at sundown also! I was fine all day and then a weepy mess when it got dark out. They eased up by the end of week 2. I hope you find a balance soon!

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  • @F47 yes! I'm going through the same thing with DS1. I miss our little routine we had and all the little things he and I used to do together. I love new baby obviously but I just haven't found that balance yet of having two kids. He's always been more attached to H which is fine, but we still had our own little bond, that I just haven't been able to reestablish. 
  • My kid farts like an old man. that's all.
  • My kid farts like an old man. that's all.
    Haha mine does too, it cracks me up 
  • Johnny straight up LOOKS like an old man... a grumpy old man (despite his sweet disposition). Farts like one too.
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