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PGAL Check-In 11/7

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1. How far along are you? 

2. Symptoms? 

3. How are you feeling physically/emotionally?

4. Rants/Raves/Questions

5. GTKY: What is your proudest accomplishment (so far) and/or what's one item on your bucket list to accomplish with your life? 

Re: PGAL Check-In 11/7

  • 1. 17 weeks. It seems surreal. 

    2. Primarily a lot of aches and RLP. Tiredness. Feeling more hormonal with the emotions lately. But could also be work stress. 

    3. Overall much better physically. Even the poison ivy seems finally to have let up some. Nausea is much less than it used to be though I get full really fast. Emotionally I'm hormonal as stated above, but doing better. 17 weeks seems like a milestone for some reason. It just feels so close to halfway! 

    4. Raving about finding out baby is a girl. I'm still over the moon about that. My question is, for STMs or those further along--could this tiny feeling like fluttering or a muscle twitch be little girl? I'm just about convinced it is since I feel it a few times a day. But I guess it could just be my uterus stretching?? 

    5. I guess my proudest accomplishment so far is graduating college and grad school without debt and graduating with honors. But as my life moves out of academia and I look ahead, I'd love to publish a book, have 3-4 children, and be married to DH for at least 50 years. :)
  • Yay @HGRich for feeling those flutters! They absolutely are likely baby girl! My first flutters felt like someone was flicking me from inside. I didn't feel them daily until closer to 20 weeks though. And yay for a baby girl!! I know boy girl it's all amazing but I just adore our DD. She's a perfect little combo of us- loves to hunt and be outside with daddy yet loves doing nails and baking with me too. Plus there are so many cute girl clothes! And watching DD with DH is beyond amazing! 
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  • @1inthehopper awesome! I look forward to feeling her daily. That will be amazing. And I know--I really want to have a boy at some point but I really hoped my little rainbow baby was a girl. I was my mom's rainbow baby and it feels like something we can share that way. Plus yes, I definitely look forward to dressing her up. Haha. 
  • 1. How far along are you? 19w3d -wow

    2. Symptoms? Heartburn at night and having a hard time getting comfortable. 

    3. How are you feeling physically/emotionally? Pretty good on both!

    4. Rants/Raves/Questions: Rave is I just started to be able to feel baby kick from the outside which is cool. It's so random and will happen once so I haven't even had my husband try to feel it yet. Soon though! 

    5. GTKY: What is your proudest accomplishment (so far) and/or what's one item on your bucket list to accomplish with your life? Well, considering I never graduated HS or went to college I'm pretty proud with the little bit of success I had in my career (when I worked). The fact that I was able to save and buy our house myself (DH and I only just started dating when I bought the house) is a big deal to me. Bucket list item, I'd really like to successfully home school my kids, travel the US and Canada with my little family and have a small farm. 
  • @hgrich I agree with 1inthehopper, those little feelings are probably the baby :) 
  • @Bok Bagok yay! And also so exciting about feeling baby on the outside. 
  • I'll do my regular weekly check in later but update about my ultrasound chaos from Friday:

    Family med nurse called this afternoon and said ultrasound of my bladder and kidneys was all normal.  The nurse said my OB had to review the fetal ultrasound to sign off on it but he was in surgery all day so it would probably be tomorrow before I heard back on that.  Then about an hour later my OB called....the actual dr not the nurse. Not good. Apparently the "shadow" or whatever the tech saw was nothing. But the ultrasound showed extra fluid behind baby's neck. OB said it could be (insert some large medical term here that I can't remember) but is also associated with Down's Syndrome. Apparently they did the same measurement they would have done at NT scan?  Anyway he recommended the Panorama testing and then we will proceed from there to decide about amnio etc.  My mind is just racing. Everything from it could be nothing to downs with severe heart problems, how a diagnosis would affect baby's life, our DD's life etc etc.   I know I need to wait to see what we find out but it's so hard to not be flooded with worry and thoughts. We weren't going to do any testing and didn't with DD either so this is all new territory. 

    I burst into tears, it's just a lot to process and it's hard when you can't get answers right away. I couldn't get ahold of DH right away either. Then I had a pity party for myself about how we can't catch a freaking break- it just seems like one thing after another since my ectopic.  My DH is so worried but is trying so hard to be strong for both of us but I can just see the worry. We're both bottling it up at least until DD goes to bed.  I need to focus on fact that it could be nothing and even if it is a Down's diagnosis is not a worst case senerio. This baby will be happy and loved, period.  

    Also to add to my stress, my SIL (brothers wife) is in the hospital at 28 wks preg with twins. Her BP is high and she is having other complications. They gave her steroids to ripen the babies lungs in case they have to deliver but we are praying the babies can stay put at least a couple more days if not weeks. 

    So tomorrow we see OB to ask questions and do the panorama paperwork and then then do the blood draw.  For those who have had this testing, how long did it take to get results? 
  • @1inthehopper I'm so sorry you're in limbo again. I'm glad the shadow was nothing. But fingers crossed the fluid is nothing too. Please keep us posted and will be thinking of you. I haven't had any testing so I couldn't tell you what to expect. Glad you get to go talk to the doc tomorrow. Hang in there. 
  • @1inthehopper, one soft market may not mean anything, but it is good that they are following up with genetic testing to see. Sending you strength and praying it is nothing!

    1. How far along are you? 36 weeks

    2. Symptoms? Fatigue (it's hard to do everything), lower back pain, Braxton hicks contractions, inside movements have become painful.

    3. How are you feeling physically/emotionally? Overall feeling excited and uncomfortable.

    4. Rants/Raves/Questions. I had my first "painful" contraction yesterday, by itself it does not mean anything but it kinda gave me a preview of what it is to come. It was kind of exciting because it means my body is gearing up. Getting closer to meeting this baby girl!

    5. GTKY: What is your proudest accomplishment (so far) and/or what's one item on your bucket list to accomplish with your life? 
    I am proud that I finished my life as a student: college/grad school/postgrad and have landed a great job where I can grow in my career. But I am still early in my professional life so I have some additional aspirations and room to develop. I would love to have one to two more kids after this one (if possible) and be able to show them the world through books and travel.
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  • @1inthehopper I am so sorry you are going through this!! I just went through all this recently!!!! Now because of my age I had the NIPT (panorama) done at ten weeks automatically. They normally get those results in pretty quick 1 week or less but of course sometimes it can take longer, 2 weeks. So with me I got my results when I went in for my 12 week scan and the results were all clear. However, baby had a thicker NT measurement so off to the MFM doctor for a detailed scan I went. Of course I had my appointment on a Friday afternoon and the MFM couldn't see me til the following Tuesday. Yea, that weekend sucked. That Tuesday appointment went better, the NT measured smaller already, but the doctor was still concerned because we already knew 1. I'm older and 2. From previous testing during infertility/MMCs that I have a weird chromosome. So I went back there in a few weeks for another detailed scan and to have an amnio done.  They found even more soft markers with the baby, a bright bowel and possible sandal foot. Again with the "it could be this or that, or itbmight be nothing!" Love when they say that :/ We went ahead with the amnio, two weeks after that had our follow up and reviewed amnio results. Well guess what, all the soft markers are gone and the amnio results came back normal for all the crap it tests for! It's been a crazy bumpy road and just be prepared to be in limbo. I have depression and anexity and I made it through, you can too. 
    Anyway, if you want to PM me for any more details/support feel free. I was completely obsessed with all the testing and different syndromes out there while going through all this. 

  • @1inthehopper hey I wanted to share this article with you. It's one I saved. If you are on a mobile device you scroll right/left like a book, not up/down :)
  • Thank you, @Bok Bagok and everyone for your support, it means a lot 
  • 1. How far along are you? 
    6 weeks or so
    2. Symptoms? 
    Sore breath and very slight nausea, heaviness in my abdomena and a lot of bloating!
    3. How are you feeling physically/emotionally?
    I'm feel like a fatty physically, and emotionally all over the place.... my typical self.
    4. Rants/Raves/Questions
    Nothing in my head now.
    5. GTKY: What is your proudest accomplishment (so far) and/or what's one item on your bucket list to accomplish with your life? 
    I guess there's a lot of things I should be proud about but I just don't like to say it.

    @HGRich.  Congrats on finding out about having a girl!

    @Bok Bagok DH wants to travel US and Canada as well. He just moved here 3 years ago so he's obsessed with trying to put together a road trip!
  • Update:  we met with OB this morning to ask questions and do the panorama paperwork. NT measures 4 mm. He said we have a 60% of chromosomal abnormality. Biggest risk is Turner's syndrome, followed by a handful of other disorders including Down's. If not chromosomal could be cardiac problems. Results from Panorama in 5-7 days. Then if high risk I will be referred to specialist about 3 hours away (we live in smallish town). If low risk likely another scan and talk about option of amnio in 2nd tri.  I really appreciate my OB and his staff. They got us right in today without an appointment and dr sat with us for a long time answering all of our questions. Praying we get results quickly and get some answers so we can make informed decisions moving forward. I keep thinking 40% chance it's something minor or nothing.....

    thanks again for all the love and support, you guys are the best!!
  • @1inthehopper thanks for the update. So glad your doc is working with you so well. Hang in there until results.  Fingers crossed that it's only something minor still. But we'll be here to support you no matter what. 
  • @1inthehoper having a good OBGYN on your side makes a big difference. I'm so hoping for you that everything is OK! Like you mentioned there's still a 40% chance there's nothing wrong at all. For what it's worth my baby had an NT of 3.5 and I'm sure you've read online plenty of stories online of babies having even higher measurements of 5-6 and being perfectly fine. Will be thinking of you!!
  • Hello everyone! I've been lurking until now, convinced that I would somehow jinx myself by posting, but here goes!

    Im 15 weeks today! I have 4 and 6 year old boys and have been trying for 3+ years for #3, with 4 losses along the way.

    feeling much better these days, just suffering with awful sinus congestion which makes me feel and look gross.

    i have loved feeling our little baby move for the past week or so - I forgot what a great feeling that is!

    my proudest accomplishment? I guess it would be having such great kids and also such a wonderful and satisfying career (I am an ER nurse). I feel very lucky :)

    @Bok Bagok with my first son he had echogenic bowel as well as high NT and abnormal femur measurements on the detailed scan. The radiologist at the women's hospital told me he would definitely be affected in some way. Anyhow we had everything reviewed by the prenatal diagnosis and genetics team and they were less worried, saying he just had. 1-2% chance of chromosomal abnormality. In the end he is healthy, so please do not put too much weight on one abnormal measurement, it's not an exact science.

    happy to join you all here!
  • @alicia de leo welcome! Glad you're here. So sorry to hear you've had so many losses. Glad you're through the first trimester and feeling better. :) 
  • Welcome and congratulations @aliciadeleo
  • @aliciadeleo congrats and welcome!
    thanks for the encouragement! I'm feeling pretty good about it all since the amino results came back normal and all the markers are gone. 
  • Oh I'm spaced out, meant to direct my post @1inthehopper b/c of what you're dealing with. Also wanted to mention we did the panorama test this time around and got the results so quickly - 7 calendar days from the blood draw. I hope it is quick for you as I know how hard it is to wait and worry.
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