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Weekly Appts 11/7

Alrighty ladies, who is being seen this week or is getting labs checked?

Re: Weekly Appts 11/7

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    I had my BETA draw yesterday at 17 dpo, It was 578 so that is good. The RE should call me today to schedule a 6 week ultrasound and appointment with my RE. 
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    Picking an OB tomorrow!  (Hopefully).  Then hopefully scheduling a first real appointment.
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    I had a third beta draw this morning. I will be on pins & needles all day to find out. I think that'll determine if I need another on this week.
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    I'm still debating if I should go to this previously scheduled annual exam with a different doctor on Thursday. I'm 6 weeks now, so they may offer an ultrasound, but my DH can't make it Thursday, so is there anything I can even really learn going if I refuse that?
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    Highly monitored internet and no cell service in the office, so I'm postin' and ghostin' while I'm workin' 
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    I have my third beta draw on weds of this week and I am so nervous over it. I just really want this pregnancy to work. It's been such a long road. So far they've been good but I am always cautiously optimistic. I think the following week at 6w is when the RE Will have me in for the first U/s. then it's back to the ob.
    These first few weeks are so tough. 
    Hoping for all good news for everyone here <3

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    My third beta will be this Wednesday.  At that point I'll schedule my first appt with the OB nurses.  Up until now my appts have been with my fertility nurse.

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    I have labs on Saturday to go over with my Dr at my appointment next Tuesday (a lifetime away)
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    I have an appointment on Thursday. I don't know if they'll do any blood or a US or if it's just an informational visit. They said all FTMs meet with the NP so I'm guessing it'll be more informational than anything but I'm hoping I can convince them to do some bloodwork if not a US lol
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    I had my first ultrasound today at 5w2d - I'm lucky and my RE like to do them early! We saw the yolk sac and everything is measuring good this time!!  Next ultrasound is next Friday and I made my first OB appointment which is not till Dec 5 - feels like a lifetime away!
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    First ultrasound on Thursday - I'll be 6+5. Hoping for good news! Don't know how long I'll be working with the fertility specialist until they release me to my regular OB. They probably won't see me for another couple of weeks anyhow. 

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    Because of a previous MMC, and being of advanced maternal age (40 in January), my OB had me go in for betas and said we'd do a transvaginal ultrasound after they reached 1,000 to make sure something is happening in my uterus (vs ectopic). My first draw was 626, second 1411, so I suppose they'll be calling me soon.
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    lfk2013 said:

    Third beta results are in! 1,884!! And "rising nicely". Next up is to schedule the first U/S.

    @lfk2013 - YAY!
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    Me!  I had the first appointment with my midwife yesterday and had a surprise in office ultrasound - saw a flickering of a heartbeat - she didn't measure anything though.  The real ultrasound is next week at the diagnostic center. (Posted elsewhere too).

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    I've had 3 beta draws: 91 @ 12 dpo, 248 @ 14 dpo and then yesterday at 21 dpo there were 7096. Doing one more tomorrow afternoon and then I think my OB is going to have me come in for an u/s - possibly end of week or maybe Monday? I think I'm trying to hold out until Monday when I'm 6 weeks but I'll probably cave and go in Thursday if she can see me :) 
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    First apt at my OBs office tomorrow (3w5d) with a different doctor to put in the requisition for my beta draws.  Was hoping to go in next week but tomorrow was the only option before leaving for holidays on the 24th.  Looking forward to having some questions answered as well as getting a feeling for how pro VBAC my OB is.  I'd really rather not have to switch Drs.
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    Had my first doctors app today. Just asked a bunch of questions. Will get blood work and an ultrasound done in 2 weeks. 
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