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monday bitchfest 11/7

I'm posting with one hand so a gif is not priority...

aaaaaaaaaaaand go!

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Re: monday bitchfest 11/7

  • H is going to a hockey game tonight bc I ticket just happened to pop up- yah okay I'm not an idiot- he's been planning this for months and just told me about it last night. I'm annoyed. DS1 requires extra snuggles at night and it's basically the same time DS2 needs to eat. We haven't mastered bedtime alone yet. And this will be his third night of zero help at night while i pump and bottle feed. Such BS. 

    I wasnt planning on going to my book club next week because of bedtime and the whole pumping thing-  but he has zero qualms.... not to mention I am still recovering from my pregnancy in general and the surgery. Big middle finger to H right now.

    i am also expecting him to spend at least $200 tonight that we don't have. And i need to order a few supplies for baby and both kids need diapers this week. 
  • @ibabyloveb87 SAME, plus my husband has parental leave for as long as I do.  I actually try not to wake him up at night when I'm feeding her so that he's less tired during the day and I can nap, but that never seems to work out in my favor. I'm also going to stop the thanking him for parenting thing. No one has thanked me! 
  • H complaining that he's exhausted makes me want to punch him in the face. We're both tired. Welcome to parenthood. I know he has to work and all but I cannot do it alone and I thank him every time he sacrifices sleep, like it's not his responsibility to help me with our child. Why am I thanking him?!!? 
    This! If H complains one more time about how "tired" he is I will explode. I NEVER ask for his help at night and he gets his glorious 8-10 hours of sleep (consecutively!) I know I'm currently on maternity leave and he works, but damn. Get over yourself! Haha
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  • Frustrated at how my grandparents are still one sided. They bought a house and put it in my 4 year old niece's name for her to receive when she's 18. Yet they can only spend 5 minutes with DS. 
  • +1 for sick of hearing how to reduce H is. weven are both on maternity leave, we are both tired and he gets more sleep than I do. I'm so over hearing about how tired he is. 
  • Second Monday BF: Our baby just hates going to sleep at night. Bedtime routine doesn't work. He's wide awake no matter what we do. But once he's asleep, it's a breeze to go back to sleep after nighttime feedings. Silver lining? 
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  • I'm getting a sore throat =(
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