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Why my SO is an A-hole / why my SO is awesome 11/6

Combining these weekend threads since I haven't seen either yet! Let's hear any rants/raves about your SOs :) 

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Re: Why my SO is an A-hole / why my SO is awesome 11/6

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    DH hasn't been an A-hole yet but I will brag about how wonderful he is being in regards to supporting me eating whatever my heart feels like vs making me feel bad for poor choices.
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    My DH is the same way. He's not forcing me to not eat things or judging me for it. Kind of nice!
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    I'm married to one of those "he's completely amazing until he's not" types.  So far, he's good.  He wanted another so he's over the moon and as soon as we got this unexpected bmp he was all for the emotional support- telling me why and how it's going to be ok - and when it all comes down to it- I love him more than everything and he is truly the love of my life so... even when he's a a-hole, he's still awesome.
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    What is Caribou?  It sounds like I want that lol!
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    My DH is an A-hole because as soon as we found out I was pregnant my emotions immediately started being invalid. It's always chalked up to be "pregnancy hormones". I mean, it's obviously heightened because of the hormones but that doesn't mean what I think and feel aren't valid. 
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    My hubby is an A-hole normally, but since bfp he has been getting up when DS (3) has to potty in the middle of the night and when DS wakes at the asscrack of dawn. DD (2) is an amazing sleeper so DH does his best to keep DS quiet. 

    Im sure this will change as DH starts basketball practice with his students this week, so he will be leaving early to lesson plan before school, and getting home late due to practices /tournaments /games/etc. he's gonna be tired as a mofo
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    @MissKrisBliss It's a coffee shop, similar (not as good, IMO) to Starbucks.  :)

    Edited because words are hard today.
    False.  :smiley:
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    A-hole: I came home from a busy night shift this week and he had the nerve to ask me what I was going to make him for breakfast. I am the PREGNANT one who just busted my ass for 12 hours, you would think HE would make me breakfast.

    Awesome: He has to clean the cat's litter box for the next 9 months, and accepted responsibility without complaint.
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    A-hole - we were on the way to my parents for a get together since we found out my dad has cancer. He stops to get food on the way and I have been puking several times a day and the smell of the burgers in the car pushed me over the edge. I asked for the bag to throw up in and he hands me his burger wrapped that he was just eating out of because he didn't want me to puke on his other burgers. He then stopped at the gas station and got a handful of windshield drying cloths that I could puke in (and did) since that bag was so precious. 

    Awesome - he has been picking up so much with out me even asking, running to the store (and given we live a half hour from the nearest grocery store that's an undertaking) and other things not because I have asked him but because he wants to make life easier for me. But still so many more a-hole moments :) 
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    My DH is an A-hole because he's hasn't been around much (not his fault, but his job). I feel like I'm alone at home and I have no one to talk to about this pregnancy. 

    He's amazing because he made breakfast this morning! 
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    @Dcwtada I would have thrown those damn burgers out and puked in the bag!
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    A-hole: we have a trip to Hawaii planned in December, so he's been making sure to get a workout in 5 times a week. Me, I'm just trying to make it a mile on the elliptical before getting tired/hungry/having to pee. So, glad he'll look good while I waddle next to him on the beach.
    Awesome: he's been helping with cleaning the house a lot more than in the past
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    my husband's adorable... he's been doing all the heavy lifting (literally) since my BFP. It's probably not that serious but since he's willing to take all the trash out and carry heavy boxes etc for the next 9 months, I'm not complaining!
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    A-hole: DH wants me to stop drinking filtered tap water. Umm, hello, higher expense!

    Awesome: He is trying to do so much more around the house. It's really cute.
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    @akbride09, don't stress about how you look in a bikini here in Hawaii! For what it's worth, I've lived here for two and a half years now and genuinely, it's one of the few places I've been that I never feel self conscious in a bathing suit. There are people of all sizes here, and honestly people get more like when they are covered up. It really is a place you can feel comfortable in your own skin.
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    @ktewart...thank you! We're really looking forward to our trip. It can't come soon enough
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    My husband was literally the greatest human on earth during the first pregnancy. I know it's early but I'm going to have to cut him some major slack this time around. We both work full time on opposite schedules, we have a toddler, and he's in grad school. I'm sure he'll still have his asshole moments though. 
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    A-Hole:   His clothes are literally all over the house and I'm ready to lose my absolute sh!t on him.  

    Amazing:  He hasn't done anything amazing as of yet. Will get back to you on that one haha!  

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