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Weekend Worries (11/4)

Re: Weekend Worries (11/4)

  • I'm so so so grateful to have seen my baby girl this week and to have scheduled my anatomy scan for 11/29. I'm at a point of starting to feel comfortable that I never thought I'd reach. 

    But the anatomy scan is what I'm worried about next. And also just the fear of being comfortable or hopeful (even though I KNOW I can't jinx myself by being hopeful) is sinking in. Especially as I'm between feeling really pregnant and feeling baby move. Actually I think I am starting to feel her but I don't KNOW. 
  • @hgrich it's so nice to feel better isn't it!? I know exactly how you feel though about the anatomy scan. I have the same fear with my echo scan coming up. Honestly, get use to the worry cause as I've mentioned before once you get pregnant and become a mother your worry will just transfer from one thing to the next! It's never ending! (I'll never get use to it,lol) Once this baby is born (crosses fingers) and I'm done breastfeeding I have to go back on anti anxiety medications. I'm always worrying over something with my daughter, from eating to pooping to getting sick to getting enough sleep. It's exhausting. I can't imagine the spin my brain will go in with two to worry over. 
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  • @Bok Bagok I know. I'm sure I'll be a worry wart forever. But you know, just getting to meet and hold this one will change things for me a little. 

    Good luck with the echo scan! 
  • @Bok Bagok I went back on my anxiety meds the night DD was born and I'm so glad I did. My anxiety was out of control through the second half of the pregnancy. I am on the lowest dose of my med so both OB and pediatrician said ok even though I was breastfeeding. 
  • So besides my chaos yesterday at ultrasound, my new worry tonight- we were out deer hunting tonight and as we were leaving the field DH backed into a tree stump and I got jostled a little bit which freaked me out. I'm not hurt and I'm not cramping or bleeding and I know baby is still behind my pubic bone and we'll padded but it of course worries me- my anxiety has been bad lately so I'm overthinking everything. I called the nurse line and she said what I already knew- baby is so padded and I'd have to get hit in stomach or be in bad accident for baby to be effected. I was glad I called just to make sure but then I feel like wow I'm almost 11 wks and I'm already the freak out pregnant lady who calls...oh well I guess!!
  • @HGRich yay for feeling more comfortable! That's huge!
  • @1inthehopper yikes! That's no fun. When you're already freaked out the last thing you need is more worry. Even when you know in your head there's a lot of padding and baby is bound to be fine. But don't feel guilty about being that person either. You have the right to do what you need to to ease your worries and I'm sure the nurse line gets so many calls for much less concern. But you're doing well and so close to the second tri! 

    Still thinking of you while you wait to hear from your doc! 
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