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PGAL Checkin - Week of 10/31

I know this is a bit late in the week for this thread but it seems like there are a few of us here that could do with some support.  Show of hands!  I think having a special haven for doubts and fears and anxiety would be great.  It may also help to insulate some of the other threads from our intense feelings.  

-  introduce yourself,
-  tell us how many weeks you got to last time,
-  how are you feeling?
-  Share a distraction/calming technique.

Re: PGAL Checkin - Week of 10/31

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    @mjacks16 you just reminded me but I did hours of adult colouring books last time. Maybe I will break that out again. 
    EDD: 13/07/2017
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    @ladipale Oh, I like that way of thinking about it! That is the upside of an MMC - your body is REAL INTO holding onto that baby.
    TTC #1: 4/16
    BFP #1: 5/16
    MMC at 8 weeks: 6/16
    BFP #2: 10/16 
    Sweet baby boy arrived 7/7/17!
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    -  introduce yourself  hey ladies, first time doing this check in - i had a miscarriage my very first pregnancy some 7 years ago (different situation/guy) and two healthy beautiful babies with my husband since then
    -  tell us how many weeks you got to last time  37, my son was born via repeat c-section since I have a manly pelvis and he was only born a year after his sister
    -  how are you feeling? puking 2-3 times a day and peeing like it's going out of style. But I am trying to drink water and Powerade to stay hydrated 
    -  Share a distraction/calming technique. none really, I am more of the suppress any feelings type of gal but my little spotting episode yesterday has me wanting support :/ 
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    Jsweet said:
    -  how are you feeling? Nervous, checking my TP everytime I visit the bathroom. Waiting for BETAs, then I will wait for US. then I will wait for 12 weeks, then viability. Maybe then I can get excited?

    This! The bathroom has started to haunt me. 
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    @Dcwtada hang in there...spotting is def scary when you've been through what you've experienced but spotting can also be totally normal in early pregnancy. Here to support you in whatever capacity a person can via Internet forum. Hugs. 

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    @Bonbonpaw congrats on making it through that milestone!  

    @Dcwtada Hang in there!  Spotting sucks!  It is so incredibly common though - so hoping it's fine.

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      Glad to have found this!

    introduce yourself,
    -  tell us how many weeks you got to last time, I had a MC in June at 12 weeks
    -  how are you feeling? faint BFP today - a little anxious, excited, hopeful
    -  Share a distraction/calming technique Chasing our 2 year old around, staying busy
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    Syndal712Syndal712 member
    edited November 2016
    introduce yourself - I've been a lurker off and on for the past year and a half.  Now at 5 weeks, 3 days and very anxiously waiting an ultrasound on 11/16.

    -  tell us how many weeks you got to last time - our first miscarriage happened at 7 weeks a week before Christmas last year, then we lost our next one at 6 weeks on valentine's day this year.

    -  how are you feeling? - I'm a nervous wreck and I'm trying not to get attached until I know this one wants to stick.

    -  Share a distraction/calming technique. - I love animals and since TTC has been stressful we now foster kittens. We got two new kittens recently which help distract me from my crazy nervous brain!

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     Introduce yourself - I'm 36, a SAHM to two little boys, moved to the USA a year ago.

    -  tell us how many weeks you got to last time - Last time i made it to 10 weeks and suffered a miscarriage.

    -  how are you feeling? - I'm feeling anxious and nervous and just want my scan to be tomorrow to put my mind at rest.  It all headed downhill at my first scan with my last pregnancy so I'm praying this time everything is ok.

    -  Share a distraction/calming technique. - Just keeping busy with my two Lo's which isn't hard as they are 4 and 2.  Keeping up with my exercise classes.

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