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PGAL Check-In: November

I noticed that The Bump is dead and Ally is heroically carrying the discussion here so I thought I'd help out a little. We haven't had a PGAL check-in in a while. Most of us have our babies on the outside now, so I thought we could check in and see how everyone is doing emotionally now. Feeling relief? Just worrying about different things now? How are those rainbow babies?
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Re: PGAL Check-In: November

  • I thought I would be panicking constantly that something happened to the baby. I have actually spent much more time panicking that the baby is going to wake up before I finish (pumping, eating, etc.) I hate not being able to fall asleep because I'm listening to her suck/breathe/make small noises and so worried she's going to start crying any time that I can't catch a minute of peace when I have it. I do check her when she naps to make sure she's still breathing, but I'm just not as terrified as I used to be. It does feel very unreal to have actually ended up with this little creature. And sometimes I feel bad that I wanted her so much but then I just want her to shut up so I can take a break. Overall, however, I feel more confident that she's okay being able to see her on the outside. Also, she's a relatively (so far) well-behaved and non-problematic child.
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  • I thought I'd feel so much better with him on the outside. Turns out I'm even more of an anxious mess. It's getting easier but that first week, I basically didn't sleep because I was so worried he'd stop breathing. I didn't realize how hard the newborn stage would be or how constantly vigilant I'd have to be, even in sleep. It's making me reconsider more children. 

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  • I feel like I am THAT mom... whenever Abigail is sleeping and I'm awake I feel like I am constantly checking on her. I am so paranoid that she'll just stop breathing even though I know that's just unfounded anxiety.
    But at least I don't feel paralyzed by the anxiety like I expected to feel. I feel like I am still functioning quite well. I'm sure once she gets a bit bigger I will be able to chill out more. 
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  • A good friend of mine once told me while i was pregnant "You worry about the baby now, Just wait until she's actually born!!! it gets worst!" and I totally agree. I feel like her personal bodyguard. I'm constantly checking on her every 5 min. Specially while she's sleeping. Just Like you ladies i'm always checking to make sure she is still breathing. I do not let my SO sleep on the side of our bed thats close to her. That's Permanently my side now cuz it helps me keep an eye on her. 
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  • I definitely feel like I'm struggling to balance two kids, a household, a husband, and even myself. I guess I forgot how hard it is having a newborn and how little time there is for everything else. With DS1, I was so much better after I had him and I was so independent... But this time bc of all my issues I had during surgery and now the complications I'm still having I feel like I'm on lockdown. I can't drive, go anywhere without another adult, I'm still in lots of pain, and H goes back to work again next week and I'm just sad already. Hugs for all the new moms, this is hard stuff. 
  • After almost losing Johnny after birth, I am more paranoid than ever before with any pregnancy or child so far... 
    I still can't even really talk about my labor experience without having a minor breakdown after everything. I went from a super liberal, laid back mom to a helicopter mom in two minUtes time.
  • PS
    @RainMira9e Thanks for helping out ♡♡♡ I'm trying to remember every regular thread, but some slip through my brain cracks!
  • @RainMira9e I'm feeling very similar! I thought I would be much more anxious about everything and constantly checking to see if she was ok, but I'm wondering if that's because she doesn't sleep long enough for me to get worried? The only time I've ever freaked out is when she went almost 5 hours between feedings at night (which was a record she has not come close to repeating since). I also wear her a lot so it's easy to keep an eye on her.  
  • +1 on constantly checking on the baby. Paranoid about losing him now. 
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