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This is just a vote on how we want to do threads since we have gotten more people and we have so many opinions on how to do our threads.

ETA: should we keep voting open until next Friday? (11/11) That way we can make sure everyone sees this. It also gives more time for more new people to vote. ALSO: "weekly" threads were moved to Monday as it seems it makes more sense for those to be at the beginning of the week.


all threads are assigned to one person that volunteers
2% 1 vote
specific threads (FTM, STM+, PGAL, ETC) are assigned to one person that volunteers
57% 22 votes
no assigned threads at all
39% 15 votes


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    No SS option! I have no opinion but I do like to click things! 
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    Call me a dummy but what is SS? lol

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    SS means special snowflake.

    I think you're making this more complicated than it needs to be. Anyone can start a thread any time. If there's one that's important to you, start it. If nobody starts it, I guess nobody cared. If people start stupid threads and it annoys you, flame them for it.
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    yeah, I'm not saying we shouldn't have weekly posts at all. But I think just having the list in the other thread is sufficient. 
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    I agree with PPs, I think our current setup is fine
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    I also agree not need to overly complicate it. If people want to volunteer to post a thread great but if someone posts it first it shouldn't be a big deal either. 
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    @osucma just wanted to say thanks for creating this poll and trying to make sure everyone is happy with our board's set up! 
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    @pepper16 thanks. Not trying to step on toes or anything. Just trying to make sure we are all on the same page/happy with how everything is flowing so we can have a good 8 months together.
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    Just bumpin' this up
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    Bumpin this up one more time :)
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