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    @tsarina Dd has down syndrome so the chances are a lot higher that it will happen again,1 in 100. Last time I refused, since soft markers were found 3rd trimester. This time I may not be giving as much as a luxury. My ob left, so I need to get a feel for my new one. 
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    @tsarina, I have Kaiser, too! They ask about traveling during their screening/pregnancy intake now. H was recently in an airport in a region that they mentioned. It turned into a huge deal on the phone until they decided that it was fine. I should have just told them no when they asked, especially since he was only in that area for a layover.
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    tsarina-2tsarina-2 member
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    @spk112 Lol too funny. Yeah I think the phone nurse just goes down a list of questions to screen for anything worrisome, and if you don't answer with the standard response it triggers a whole other set of questions. Like a phone tree but worse. 

    Have to say though I have been really happy with Kaiser (had both kids with them), despite the phone checklists 

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    @tsarina, that's reassuring. My first appointment isn't until 12/9, and I am so excited and nervous. I'll be 9w3d then but based on what the advice nurse told me, the appointment is going to be super thorough (including exam, ultrasound and labs) and last an hour. Does this sound right to you?
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    @spk112 Yeah that sounds right. They will do an exam, ultrasound, blood draw, and discuss screening options (nuchal, e.g.), and answer any of your questions. Kaiser also sent me to a separate group session with a genetic counselor who explained what kind of screening tests were available. This might have been because I am over 35 (I qualified for the NIPT), and I'm in Northern CA so it might be different in your area.

    It should be a fun visit! Tough to wait though, I know :). I'll let you know when I schedule mine for and we can compare notes
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    @tsarina Where in Northern CA? I live in Sonoma County. 
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    My first OB appointment is December 8. But with my history of a miscarriage, SCH, and now "advanced maternal age" (40 in January) I'm having betas drawn, and will have a transvaginal ultrasound once they're over 1000. I'll probably have an abdominal ultrasound at our hospital pre-OB appointment to look for an SCH since they're often recurrent.
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    @mamadcb I'm in the bay area! We're practically neighbors haha
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    RubyRedPirateRubyRedPirate member
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    I've had 3 sets of blood work since I have previous loses but my first ultrasound is the day after thanksgiving! So far my blood work looks great so the next visit is the ultrasound. I'll be around 7+4 by my calculations. I switched to a RE after my second loss in March so that will be my primary. I miss my old OB but we both decided I needed an RE. My RE just doesn't have good bedside manners and it feels like he doesn't care to get to know his patients. Has anyone went to an RE then had their regular OB be the primary? I mean, the RE got me pregnant and knew his stuff but I miss my old doctor. 

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    @RubyRedPirate -  We did IVF and will continue to see our RE until the end of the first trimester before switching to our regular OB.  I totally get your feelings because I cannot wait.  Although our RE is "nice," it is clearly a business there and about numbers and not the individual patient.  The head nurse is horrible and when our IVF rounds initially failed, she would call us and give the news with no apologies or regard for emotions.  In the end, they are really good there, some of the best success rates in the  country and I am pregnant and thankful.  But I cannot wait to bust out of there and see my regular OB, who is fantastic!!  I am sure your RE will not go through your whole pregnancy with you although every situation is different.  Good luck to you!
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    Hi ladies! My first appointment is 12/14 :( Really would love it to be sooner but guess I'll have to just wait it out. Trying to hide #4 till Christmas is going to be tough! lol but lots of cute ideas to announce with Christmas cards!

    PS any advise on how to "join boards" or fix ticker would be great! Thanks! :)

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    My first appointment is 11/22! I will be just over 6 weeks, so it seems a little early, but I am excited to talk to the OB. Right now I am checking out an OB a friend of mine used, but if I’m not crazy about him at the first appointment I have the name of a midwife I might talk to. I have a list of questions, but I’m constantly adding to it and deleting from it as I learn new information.

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    First appointment is tomorrow and I don't really have any questions.  All my friends have kids, as does my sister and I've always been that invasive person who asks them tons of stuff haha!  I've read the books.  I know what to expect.  Although I did have this really weird issue with my vision yesterday which is a bit concerning.  So I take it back.  I will be asking my Doc about that.   :p  

    My friend put the idea of a midwife in my head.  After a little research, I ended up applying for one.  Hoping I can get in and that I'm not wait listed.  *fingers*crossed*   
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    My first appointment is on 12/2 with a midwife. The practice I will be going to has both OBs and Midwives. When I calIed yesterday, I asked for the first available appointment. I figured that if I don't like the Midwife, I can always switch to one of the OBs in the office. 
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    I called to make my appointment, but it has to go through the nurse first so I'm waiting on a call back with the info.
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