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WTF Wednesday - 11/2

Ok people - what's bugging you today?  This can be related to your loss or just something going on in life.

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Me: 31+ H: 32
TTC Since 11/2015
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Re: WTF Wednesday - 11/2

  • Ok, I don't have anything major to complain about, but I wanted to throw something out there to get this party started. 

    The other day H and I were running errands and happened to be near a store for our cell phone provider.  He's due for an upgrade and I can get one in like a week.  His phone isn't holding a charge for more than like an hour, so we stopped by to look and potentially upgrade one (or both) of our phones.  

    When the saleswoman was available, she asked for one of our cell numbers and ID for the person on the account.  That's when I realized that I had left my wallet in the car, on the other side of the shopping center.  

    Because I didn't have my ID on me, she wouldn't even SPEAK to us.  Wouldn't answer any of our questions about the phones we were interested in.  If she had been semi-friendly about it and had answered any of our generic questions about the phones, I would have happily walked out to the car to get my wallet.  But her attitude when my husband was trying to see if she could help without getting into the account was just uncalled for.  So she lost not just one, but two, phone sales.  

    Her loss, not mine.  

    ** December BMB Siggy Challenge - Animals in Pools **

    Me: 31+ H: 32
    TTC Since 11/2015
    #1 - MMC 6.5 weeks (2/16); #2 - MC due to cystic hygroma at 20 weeks (10/16); #3 CP (2/17); #4 - Due 12.16.17
  • It's bugging me that after my loss last week I feel like everyone has comments about "when are you having kids" or something similar...and that's not their fault at all (it's like an investment banker I met with and the hair cut person so they have no idea) but I can't say "I have an angel baby" without discussing it and I'm not ready for that.

    In other news...I hate bad drivers who go 35 on the freeway where the speed limit is 65 and everyone is doing 70+
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  • @Tennis11785
    I work for a huge cellphone provider (in Canada) and I feel horrible for how you and your husband were treating. That's just terrible. 

    In my hometown, its raining a tonne and flooding. They are almost in a state of emergency and yet people are still parked on the side of the roads to make videos to post on Facebook. 
    We've had so much sad news happen recently that on top of my own grief, I feel horrible for these other people. I just feel so down. I guess my wtf is what the F people who are trying to watch horrible things happen and wtf to people who do horrible things. 

  • Hi know it's not Wed but I read this and totally relate to the when are you having children thing! Seriously, going through two miscarriages has made me realize that you never say that to anyone because you don't know what they are going through. I'd also like to add all the are you okay and are you feeling better questions.
  • Def not Wednesday but WTF?   Everyone is pregnant!!  Surprise baby shower announcements on FB, an adorable 9 pounder just born to a girl I went to school with..... Everyone I ran into while running errands are also pregnant.  WTF!  Sorry, end rant.  Had to get that out.
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