Pregnant after a Loss

Fitness and Nutrition Check In (wk of 10/31)

With Halloween yesterday I forgot to post this- sorry! 

1.  How far along are you?
2.  How did last week go fitness and nutrition wise? 
3.  Goals for this week 
4.  Questions? 
5.  GTKY: favorite workout? 

Re: Fitness and Nutrition Check In (wk of 10/31)

  • 1. 16+2
    2. Not excellent. I got my minimum walks in, but the second one had me in a lot of pain after. I'm frustrated that the pain came back but I think it may have been because I'd been overdoing it all day beforehand at work. Nutrition wasn't the best but I tried some new recipes and got some variety in there. People keep bringing snacks to work and I keep eating them and justifying it "because I'm pregnant" haha. 
    3. Less sugar. Being more careful at work and not leaping out of my chair and fast walking everywhere. I've always done that but now it's inflicting me with RLP when I do that. 
    4. None
    5. I used to LOVE circuit training. I was into moderate weight training and loved increasing my max on squat, leg press, and bench press. I don't have access to a gym like that anymore. But I miss it. 
  • 1.  10w3d
    2.  Last week was meh... only got 2.5/4 planned workouts in. But I did eat more fruits abs vegetables so I'm proud of that
    3.  Goals are 4 workouts again this week and to keep increasing servings of fruits and vegetables. I also need to eat less pizza and refined carbs.  
    5.  I love using BeachBody On Demand. It's like Netflix for workouts- access to 100s of workouts many of which are 30 min or less. I love the variety I have access to without even leaving the house! 
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  • @HGRich I also find myself easily saying yes to treats because I'm pregnant. It will catch up with me so I need to reel that in now! 
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