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Monday BF 10/31

Let's hear it ladies. What's got you frustrated/annoyed today?

Re: Monday BF 10/31

  • thatcmathatcma member
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    I was selfish and started this thread for me.

    My BF today are my co-workers that take the same lunch times together, even though they came in at different times. They do this all the time and it throws off the entire lunch schedule usually leaving 1 or 2 people to cover the entire clinic when there should be at least 3 of us. It's effing annoying. I get that you're sisters and all but we have specific lunch times for specific reasons. We stagger them so that other people don't get F'd with a full clinic and hardly any MAs to cover.

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  • @osucma
    That's really irritating. Does your workplace have a policy on when people lunch and covering shifts? Could you ever say something about it?

    My irritation today was my doctor's office. Their phone line is only open to make appointments from 2-4 on weekdays. It's overrun and literally everyone is calling during that window. I would usually call and sit on hold at my desk, but I want to be discrete about pregnancy stuff at work for now. I kept stepping out all day in between stressful meetings, and still never got through. 

    I know it's not their fault and their dealing with a bazillion patients, but I was super grumpy today about work stuff, and got quickly very frustrated with the system. 

    Here's hoping for tomorrow! Fewer meetings so it should be ok.

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  • @larksparkle I mentioned it to my manager today to talk to them, which she said she will. We have staggered lunches to ensure we have proper coverage. When we all got hired on it was one of the first things mentioned.

    In regards to your BF I totally understand how frustrating that can be, and you are certainly not alone with feeling that way. Tomorrow is a new day!

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