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Meal Plan Monday

Good morning ladies!!! Boooo it's Monday! Everyone's least favorite day of the week, however, it is one of my favorite days of the year, HALLOWEEN!!   
I will be posting this every Monday, I love to meal plan, it has made dinner so much easier, especially when I had newborns! 

M- "spooky" spaghetti and meatballs
T- Steak and baked potato with all the fixins 
W- Pork Roast
TH-Breakfast for dinner for everyone besides me, I will eat leftovers
F- DH and I are going out, kids are having leftovers or nuggets.

Me (K)-27 DH (T)-30
2 Rainbow DDs L-10/26/10 and A-03/27/14
2 Angels- 10/26/09 and 02/03/15
Surprise BFP on 10/25/16!!! Baby Firecracker is due on 07/02/17! 

Re: Meal Plan Monday

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    kghusker1003 Thanks for the ideas!  I am a huge planner, but when it comes to meals, I can never think of anything.  Looks like a yummy week for you!
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    I would love to start meal planning. I'm just horrible at it  
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    My life is so much better when I meal plan. I need to make a better effort with it. Here's what this week looks like:

    M - something easy and quick so we can go trick or treating. Probably chicken nuggets and tater tots (mother of the year over here)
    T - Taco Tuesday
    W - DH will be gone for dinner, so I have a quick skillet meal I'll make for myself and DS
    Th - Grilled chicken breast & veggies (if the weather is nice for grilling)
    F - we'll be on the road to visit ILs, so we'll probably have fast food
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    Tonight I'm grabbing something on the go, DH leftovers. BUT he's also been tasked to make Jamie Oliver Slow Cooker German Potato Soup. Ready tomorrow, and should last until Thursday at least!!

    We eat almost exclusively soups in the evening. They're not glamorous, but they're fast, cheap and healthy and you can stretch them for days :)

    bet you're better at it than you think! It's sometimes too easy to compare ourselves to the Instagram meal planners.

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    Sunday: beef stir fry
    Monday: leftovers
    Tuesday: sausage, peppers & onions, spaetzle
    Wednesday: leftovers
    Thursday: chicken & dumplings
    Friday: leftovers
    Saturday: dinner with my family for my sister's birthday
    Married: 10/13/2013
    TTC #1: Mirena removed 5/26/2015; DH - normal SA, me - diagnosed with PCOS 8/4/2016 - on Metformin; BFP - 10/29/2016!!!, EDD - 7/8/2017; DD born 6/29/2017
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    @LarkSparkle thats true. I always look for new recipes on pinetrest and they look so yummy and then you look at the ingredients and prep and it's just so intimidating. 
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    I have a meal plan from my personal trainer. 
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    @SquishyMommy1 tell me more about this "cricket powder"...
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    I hope I'm on top of meal planning next week, you ladies are inspiring me! 
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