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Monday B+fest, Halloween Edition

Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!

Re: Monday B+fest, Halloween Edition

  • This is the first Halloween the kiddo is really getting the whole concept of the day......and he wakes up this morning with a stuffy nose, coughing and just the slightest of fever.  Ugh :-(  Poor kid.  At least we were able to do a couple of pre-Halloween events with his costume this past week.  We'll see how he's feeling later today but might have to bail on the plans :-(
  • My dog ate some unidentifiable object that now has her shitting incessantly. I came home to four massive piles right on the carpet, the little asshole knows better. Anyway, I clean it up and the smell won't leave no matter how many times I scrub. My house is a wreck and I really need to clean it and do laundry when all I really want to do is go upstairs and sleep for the remainder of the day. I have zero energy, and zero motivation. I'd hire a cleaning lady but I don't work now so it'd just look like I'm a lazy asshole.
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  • @peachesnbean wtaf. Also this is like my favorite part of a movie ever. 
  • Maintenance dood for our apartment. Light in the toilet room (separate from the shower) has been out of commission for the past 2+ weeks. Every time I try to nail him down on an appointment, he says he'll call on the day he's in town (he's the maintenance guy for like 20 other properties). I've hung a temporary light in there on day 2 because nobody likes to poop in the dark, but come ON. This is your job.

    He finally agreed to come by today. In the next half hour. If he forgets crucial stuff for the light (AGAIN), I might get more than just slightly tetchy.

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  • @peachesnbean wtaf. Also this is like my favorite part of a movie ever. 
    I was so pissed. I also made brunch between Zumba and Yoga (just spinach/cheddar eggs and toast but whatev) and I asked him to clean up the mess. Instead of just washing the non-stick pan and putting the dishes in the dishwasher he just soaked the dishes and didn't even wipe the counters/oven. I was like, "so cleaning up to you is filling the sink with soapy water?" That was literally all he did. I feel bad because I don't want to come home and turn on the bitch switch but every room I walked into was a huge disappointment. 

     <3 DD1- Aug11 <3 o:) Angel Baby- June13, said goodbye Oct12 o:) <3 DD2- Aug13 <3 <3 DD3- due Feb17 <3

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  • PSA: If you're flying at all during the remainder of pregnancy, do NOT fly American Airlines unless you upgrade your seat to extra legroom. I'm 5'6 and my knees were barely 2 inches away from the seat in front of me. I basically spent the entire flight home last night having a panic attack over claustrophobia!
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  • @NiceyMeany Google docs/drive is wonderful, but explaining its use to the older generation is the worst. They are so flummoxed by it. It's hard to wrap my brain around. 

  • @Xstatic3333 true, but we've been doing this for FOUR YEARS.  And if you can attach a file to an email, you can upload it to Google Drive.  It's the exact same process.  And I've shown them LITERALLY half a dozen times how to do it.  So I just assume that they are being dicks on purpose.
  • Just went to the bathroom at work, and discovered that there is a hole in the crotch of my leggings. I only bought them a month ago, WTH?
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
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    @PerraSucia that's awful! but at least they didn't eat your dog. do you even have a dog? I can't remember.  

    @peachesnbean men just don't get it and it's so frustrating.  my husband's meaning of "clean" is very different from mine.  but I'm exhausted lately,  so I have to let it go.  can't do everything.  

    My MBF: Please,  ladies, tell me if I'm being unnecessarily bitchy. I've been really annoyed the past couple days at work because random people keep asking me when I'm due and if it's a girl or boy and bla bla bla. I don't mind if people I work with directly ask me all these questions,  but these are total randos in the bathroom,  on the elevator,  in a different department, different floor,  different company.  
    I just feel like,  "dude I have NO idea who you are and you're asking me all these personal questions." I feel like I need to just wear a sign saying "due in February,  it's a girl,  ya,  it's my first. " 
    The absolute worst is when people STARE directly at my belly, and then do the elevator look to determine if I'm just fat or pregnant.  HELLO! I can see you analyzing me!

    Am I overreacting ? 

  • @PerraSucia Ugh!  That is so not okay.  I would let the owners know every incident (in an as matter a fact way I could and not bitch them out) and if they again come up with the pitiful excuse of "oh well tell him not to" then tell them it's clearly not working and that they need to do something else before you start billing them for cleaning services and replacement of your mat.  It doesn't have to be drama unless they decide to be irresponsible and then it's on them, not you.
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    @LilyASF42 I feel like if I was renting I would be like WTF but these are people we have to keep a positive relationship with for the next until their dead probably.  

    maybe if I make a joke about it, it will come off as less war starting.
  • @PerraSucia That is 100% ridiculous. Maybe talk with them again when some of the anger has subsided. I'd be beyond pissed too, that's just too much dog mess to clean up! Hopefully they really get how inappropriate they are being with their dog and take it seriously. 

    @WinchesterGirl I feel like there is always a hole in the crotch of my leggings. 
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    @PerraSucia that sucks!  I don't understand how people think it is ok to let their dog off leash regularly?  I would recount all the instances of what has happened, with emphasis on the fact that your husband slipped and almost fell and that their dog while sweet, has become a nuisance.  I'm too blunt, but I would probably tell them that while you don't want to have to escalate this, you need them to keep their dog on a leash or in their own yard, and if he keeps coming on your property, you will be forced to call animal control.

    I get this is not ideal in your tight knit neighborhood - but I'm not sure how else to solve! 
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    @PerraSucia I can understand wanting to keep the peace but at the same time they aren't being respectful of you and your property (or good pet owners) if they don't do anything about a problem that's been brought up and continues.  Hopefully, if they are good neighbors and you do have a good relationship with them, when you bring it up again to them, they will take some action.  If not, I would maybe start wondering about how good that relationship is.  Sorry, I know it's tough when you don't want to start drama, but you also can't let people do that to you either.
  • @PerraSucia I know it's tough, but I think they need to know that you are mad or it will just keep happening. Maybe asking them to reimburse you for the mat would be a good start. Off leash dogs is a huge pet peeve of mine because it is so dangerous for the dog, but jerks like that will respond better to the property damage argument. 

  • @PerraSucia Sucky as it is, I think you have to address it again somehow. Have you caught him in the act? If you do, I would take him by the collar and walk over and let them know whatever he was doing when you grabbed him. I think a lot of times, people want to pretend there is no issue; if you don't tell them he is regularly causing trouble, they will probably continue with business as usual. 

    As for how to address it, that is tricky. Is anyone else on the street having issues? I might address it as a safety concern - hey, your dog was over at our place again and we are worried he could get hit if he keeps wandering... Any time you let your dog roam unsupervised like that, there is a risk of being hit or getting into a fight with another dog.

    @afkash It will probably calm down once people recognize you; since you are new and pregnant,  people are just curious. I think you are overreacting, but the initial surge will blow over soon and they should mostly leave you alone either way.
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @krob Not sure what the options are where you live, but have you heard of Centering Pregnancy? It's a program offered through midwifery practices where you go for your regular checkups with a group of women due around the same time as you. You take your own BP and weight, then go into a separate room with the MW for a belly check and to ask any private questions. Then you meet as a group to talk about any questions/issues that are not super-personal/embarrassing - like symptoms you have been having, what you're eating, etc. The whole appt is 2 hours - so definitely longer than a regular appointment - but you get a LOT of time with the MW to ask questions, and you get to hear what other women at the same stage as you are going through. They also bring in various specialists to talk about different topics, like physical therapy/proper posture/how to poop better (answer: get a Squatty Potty), mental health, etc.

    Even if you don't have that option, I definitely recommend a midwifery clinic. The one I go to is affiliated with a hospital, and there is an OB on the delivery floor in case it's needed. They send you to MFM for ultrasounds or if any big issues arise, but otherwise you are seen by a group of midwives. It's kind of the best of both worlds.
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  • My bitch for the day... which is just an increased bitch from the last few weeks. My job has two parts basically. I LOVE my job- not so much my boss. She took over as the supervisor for my position a few months after I started. She has literally told me she knows nothing about my job- so I need to teach her at least the basics before I leave. And put it all in writing. There are 5 people in my department, but three completely different positions. One other person will also be on maternity about the same time I am... and my boss is already overwhelmed and has too much on her plate- which isn't really her fault.  
    That isn't even the problem though... one part of my job- and they are about half and half- may have a greatly increased workload soon. Like at a minimum tripling.... Which really means we need to add another person for my position. This is a good thing- except we aren't getting an answer until probably late December if its going to happen (we may be taking over another non profits territory, and they are trying to find funding to continue their services) I never see my supervisor, and never really hear from her. I have already voiced concern over this- how am I supposed to train someone while I am on maternity? And how can she train someone if she only knows the very minimum?

    Today, one of my coworkers found out- and informed me since we have been friends since school- that we may be taking over that service area in the VERY near future instead now, from what she found out today.... yet no word from my boss... GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @PerraSucia I feel your pain.... my neighbors leave their puppy off leash all the time. My dog has snapped at him before (they are both small, around 15 pounds) and my dog would never attack but she does scare him. I now let her out to scare him out of our yard when he wanders over and she alerts me. On the other side of our house we have a pretty busy road that people drive way too fast on, I am always so afraid someone will hit the dog in front of their three young kids! Seriously, HOW HARD IS IT to leash your dog?!?
  • @PerraSucia that stinks. Sorry you're dealing with that. I guess I have less care about being nice. I mean they are being super inconsiderate neighbors. A few times we have found dog poop in our front yard that my kids have almost stepped in and I lost my mind. I don't have a dog. I shouldn't have to pick up other people's dog shit. So when I saw someone walking their dog and letting it poop about to walk away I brought a bag out and was like oh you must have forgotten a bag. Here's one so you can pick up your dogs poop. Our neighborhood( we live in military housing) has a rule dogs should be leashed but a lot of people don't follow that rule. They're like oh my dogs sweet and nice....oookkkk well it's not listening and coming back when you say. So annoying. I even like dogs, but it drives me crazy when people are irresponsible pet owners. 
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  • My MBF is that I'm having to conduct at least one working interview every single day this week. It's not that big of a deal, but they last 2-3 hours on top of my normal job. And it's almost impossible to do half of my job while doing the interviews so I have to rush to finish my work after they leave. It just a lot of added stress that I don't feel like dealing with at the moment. We have done about 90 regular interviews in the last 3 weeks, so thank God we are almost done. I can't complain too much because once we hire someone then I'm that much closer to leaving to be a SAHM! It just sucks in the mean time..
  • I'm so irritated!! I just showed up for my therapy appointment and found out from a couple in the waiting room that they were waiting for the same therapists at the same time. I mad early my appointment last Monday and they made theirs yesterday. Well my therapist bumped me to take them saying they came from far away. And I just drove thirty minutes my damned self! I really needed this appointment today. I'm so frustrated.
  • thanks for the advice @tentacular and @madamerwin ;

    i am attending a bradley class which is first alerted me to some issues. I am going to talk with our teacher on Wednesday who is also a midwife. 
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  • My bitch for the day...  And it's a first-world problem kind of bitch.

    I interviewed for a position at my current employer's parent company (a phone interview, a video interview - which was the "formal" interview, and then they flew me out to their HQ to meet the team). They told me they would get back to me last Friday.

    Well, they contacted my boss and my boss's boss on Friday to tell them they wanted to extend an offer to me and get my boss's okay for a potential start date. Which we all think is super weird, but I guess since it's technically an internal position, it's a professional courtesy for the new boss to let the old boss know, and get approval for a start date...

    My boss told me this, and asked if I was okay with the start date they wanted (two weeks from today), but they STILL have not reached out to me with an offer. Just send me the damn offer already so I can decide if I want it! I have not started any transitional stuff yet, since I won't know for sure whether I am taking it until I see what they offer for a salary, so I'm kind of in limbo. 
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  • Thank you ladies for your feedback.  Ya, hopefully it'll get better once they get used to seeing me.  I guess I'm just not used to so much attention.  

    Is anyone else's TB app acting up? it's been super annoying to do any typing on here because it'll randomly change my letters and if I try to go back to fix it,  it messes it up even more. 

  • Wow I'm sorry to all of you dealing with either your own dogs shitting everywhere or other people's dogs shitting and pissing all over your property/belongings or flipping the F out. 
  • @PerraSucia +1 to dogs off leash being annoying and dangerous! I'm amazed by people and what they let their dogs do-- I could have a dangerous dog that attacks yours, i could be allergic. Their dog is now causing property damage. I agree with PPs. Peace is not worth it-- let them know every time the dog causes a problem in a matter of fact way. If it is in your yard, lead it back to their house and say "Oh no! It looks like Spot got out. I'd hate for a car to hit him." You're ot starting a war, they are being irresponsible pet owners.
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