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  • JessyKV said:
    @CapricaAndrea. Would this be a good option to keep the cats out? 


    I think there are pack and plays with tents over them as well. 
    I just saw a couple days ago that such a thing existed and I've been seriously considering it. It kind of feels like a waste when someone is already giving me a free bassinet. I haven't actually seen it yet though so I'm crossing my fingers that there's a tiny chance it's one of these. I may have to buy one like this in the end though, just because my cat likes to sleep by my neck and I don't want to take any chances with baby. Thanks for the link! 
  • @CapricaAndrea can you just lock them out of your bedroom? Or will the meow? I'm planning on locking ours downstairs, which I know they will hate, but better safe than sorry. Ours don't usually sleep on us, but I'm still worried. 
  • @CapricaAndrea can you just lock them out of your bedroom? Or will the meow? I'm planning on locking ours downstairs, which I know they will hate, but better safe than sorry. Ours don't usually sleep on us, but I'm still worried. 
    We actually can't, at least not at first. That was originally the plan until our living situation changed. We're moving in with my inlaws at the end of the month and will essentially be sharing a large master bedroom with both baby and the cats as a studio apartment (minus the kitchen.) We will all have free reign to the rest of the house as well, but that will be our main area and the rest of the house is already shared by 2 other cats so we can't just lock them out at night.

    I'm planning to train them right from the start that baby's places are off limits, but I know from experience that while they behave perfectly when we're around, they occasionally like to sneak places they know they shouldn't be when they think we're not looking. 
  • Ah darn. I definitely understand weird housing arrangements, we lived with the in laws while pregnant last time. Maybe the double sided sticky tape? I'm going to do that with our bassinet
  • What are you ladies using for a diaper bag? I really want a new one but I haven't found one that I both like and can afford! I really do not want to spend over $100.
  • @tmrussell I just started using the Skip Hop Duo which I got for about $50 bucks on Amazon. It's a more traditional looking diaper bag but I like that it's lightweight, can be worn cross body, and relatively small (but can store a lot). My hubby also likes that it's not super feminine so he can use it.
  • @tmrussell, we're getting a backpack diaper bag of some sort. I have a Skip Hop one on my registry. DH will be toting it most of the time, so it has to be functional and manly. :)
  • I started with the skip hip duo and didn't like it. It's tall and skinny and doesn't open wide, so it was hard to keep organized. It was also way too small for my purposes, but I use cloth diapers, and they take up more room. I also like to carry quite a bit of stuff, so someone more minimalistic and using disposables might be fine with it. Right now I am using an old Land's End one that I had for my brother when he was in diapers. I ready like it, but I wanted a backpack style one for when I am toting two little ones around. I just bought a big llbean backpack (turbo transit bag) though that isn't a diaper bag. I have a bunch of different changing pads I can throw in it, and I don't really use any other diaper bag specify features. All I care about is it being big, opening wide, having lots of different compartments to keep my stuff and the kids' stuff organized, and having backpack straps.
  • @tmrussell My sister sent me her jujube diaper bag which is awesome but it's very feminine looking (covered in flowers). We got this one for DH: https://www.amazon.com/Messenger-DIAPER-DADS-MOMS-share/dp/B00ZCBPHHI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1489889653&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=messenger+diaper+bag&psc=1

    I actually like that we'll each have our own to keep in our own cars so that when DH gets home and I head off to work we don't have to transfer too many things.
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    I had the skip hop French stripe for DD and got this one this time.  I wanted something bigger so it would hold stuff for a toddler and baby. 

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00RYU9FZA/ref=sxts1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1489977955&sr=1 ;

    ETA: link change 



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  • @Ahutch428 , ygpm! 
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    Jujube BFF in First Lady.  Got it with my son and going to use it again!
  • I got this skip hop one for $24 during an Amazon sale https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J4J243Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_4s6ZybJN3FHZJ

    I prefer bags that are a little stylish and I've been eyeing this one at Target. I  will probably get this one when I get my registry completion coupon.


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  • I registered for the skip hop backpack diaper bag. Having a shoulder strap gets painful for me quickly even with a purse! And I know my diaper bag will be over packed all the time! So I just picked a backpack that DH and I could both use. 
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