Pregnant after a Loss

PGAL Bill of Rights

For those of us struggling with guilt over how we feel about our new pregnancies, I wanted to share this article I found:

I've found Pinterest to be a good source of information and support articles for PGAL mommies. If any of you have any resources you've been using besides this forum, feel free to share them in this thread. 

(Bumping on mobile. Hope the link works properly.)

Re: PGAL Bill of Rights

  • Oh, I love this. I wish they could give a copy to every medical professional!! What a great website. Thanks for sharing. If only we could all have wonderful medical support - sometimes I feel so forgotten by mine.

    I also like the subreddit TTCafterLoss - there's an active group of pregnant women who have experienced loss before pregnancy. 


    2010: son born 9/1 

    2013: 2 miscarriages + d&cs, both at 10 weeks: April & July

    2014: son #2 born 6/29

    2016: Baby girl stillborn at 21w6d 4/29 and baby boy stillborn at 20w 3d 11/16

  • LOVE this!! 
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