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I have been stalking The Bump for 3 days waiting for this board to show up. I'm due 7.7.17. Or that's what I'm going with until I get a dating scan. 
I was really active on my previous BMB (May 14) back in the day, but started a new screenname this time around because my old one had my real name in it. So I'm not really as much of a newb as I appear. 

Happy to be here! Can't wait to get to know everyone!

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    MK1013 said:
    I haven't intro'd yet as I'm watching my numbers (blood draw again tomorrow), but I'm crossing everything I can that I'll "go here." I'm a loss Mama, so being very, very cautious.

    You have me wondering who you are though, @AdaByron I was fairly regular on May14! 
    Did you make the move to Facebook or the other place with the May14 board? 
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    @MK1013 I posted my BFP in the TWW thread over there. I'm not the one who started that thread. That should be enough to figure out who I am. :)
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    @MK1013 Oh, yeah. Maybe we're not in the same group. Then I'm not sure how to tell you who I used to be without announcing my actual first name. You're screenname seems familiar to me though!
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    @MK1013 I am in the same FB group as @AdaByron from May2014 as well. I think there was more than one out of that BMB
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    Hi everyone!!! I just found out last night with my BFP!!! 6 days late and I almost waited another week to test because I was so worried about another negative! I'm also due 7/7/17. On of my dearest friends who is one of the only 2 people who know share that birthday, so I knew she would like to know! Told hubby this morning and he is ecstatic! We got pregnant on our little mini vacation to Idaho! I'm so glad to be a part of this group and getting to know you lovely ladies!! :) 
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    MimoCaMimoCa member
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    @kshahan88 Congrats and welcome!

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    I'm due the 7th as well! Congrats! 
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