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A little stunned here! We lost our sweet Hope at 25 weeks June 17th. I was very sick after and had a long recovery from bedrest and illness. Last month we got the ok from our doctor to start trying again, then the next day (beginning of my fertile window) we got test results back that in addition to my incompetent cervix and the chorio I developed at delivery I also have APLS. It was a shock and after nearly losing me my husband was not ready to start trying right then, at least until we talked to the doctor again. So we waited a few more days so we could talk to him and process everything (until i thought I was out of my window, but now I'm thinking it was ovulation day). Yesterday I should have gotten my period, but instead we checked and got 2 very positive pregnancy tests! I am very happy and stunned and a little scared. My husband is very happy and very scared. I already know this pregnancy will be different with aspirin and progesterone and lovenox, but somehow I have peace it's going to be ok. 

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    Welcome and congratulations! I'm very sorry for the loss of your daughter and the scary health times you went through. You will find this board is a great source of support. We'll be rooting for you and your little babe! 

    Im an ectopic momma so this pregnancy has been very different for me too so I understand that mindset. I'm on daily baby aspirin and progesterone also and have had multiple early ultrasounds, blood tests, etc.  I think your attitude is great- for me it did help to just acknowledge that this pregnancy is going to be different and that's ok. 
  • Welcome! I'm so sorry for the loss of your daughter.  I haven't had a late term loss so I can't imagine the pain it must have been for you both.  I do know the feeling of complete shock though.  I became pregnant 3 weeks after my miscarriage.  I went to the doc for what I thought was a UTI and surprise I was pregnant! Shock was definitely an understatement.  Plus the never having a period on top was scary so I can def relate to the uneasiness your husband may be having. Mine was terrified for almost a month until we had our US which show a healthy HB. I think your husband may be like mine and once he see's the screen he'll feel better.  I realized for men its totally different since they don't physically experience the pregnancy.  For us women its a bit easier.  I've felt crappy from day one so always knew I was pregnant but my husband couldn't be assured until he saw the baby with his eyes. I realized at that moment that I'm feeling the pregnancy 24-7 all over my body and he is only experiencing it  with his eyes.  Keep us posted on how everything goes. And congrats again!
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  • Welcome! So sorry for what you've been through. That's so rough. I'm excited for you that you have a little bit of hope again after such a hard and scary summer. But your concern is understandable. Glad your doc is working with you through this. We are pulling for you! Keep us posted! 
  • Thank you all! It's comforting to know there are others in the same boat at the same time!
  • Hi and welcome - I'm so sorry for your loss. Such a difficult, heartbreaking loss.

    I lost my baby at 21 weeks in April and got pregnant before my period ever returned. I'm almost 18 weeks now and it's been a very anxious pregnancy so quickly after such a horrible loss. My loss was related to placenta issues and I live in fear they'll happen again since a cause was never found - hopefully your diagnosis will mean you can get a little peace of mind. <3 


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  • So very happy for you. I recall seeing you on the late loss board so we have some things in common. Excited for you! 
  • Thank you @mcdonald-bailey ! We are very happy... just saw the heartbeat today which is so reassuring for me. We have a long road ahead but I am happy to be here again. 
  • Congratulations!

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  • I remember you from late term and child loss board, so happy for you! I understand the fear as I'm freaking out myself, I'm just really trying to take it one day at a time and not overthinking it. Prayers for you!
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  • Thanks @MWoodside and @fiorip
    Did anyone else with a short pregnancy interval after loss kind of feel like they've been pregnant nonstop for the past year? It's kind of a weird feeling. Everything feels so fresh it's kind of like I just got a quick reprieve to have some beer, sushi, and queso fresco and then here we go again! I don't mind the lifestyle stuff, but I wonder if it's contributing to my mentality of "brace yourself, this is a high risk pregnancy" because it kind of feels like a continuation after I had hit after hit of complications with my last pregnancy. Does this make sense at all?
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    @PabloAndChristine yes! I feel like I've been pregnant since late March already. Especially since I was physically miserable and had post partum depression after my mmc and then was suddenly pregnant again right after. Still mourning my angel baby and suddenly another baby to fret over and fear losing. It's exhausting. I had two weeks free of PPD and feeling better before I got pregnant again. Two weeks! I'm so grateful I'm pregnant again before my due date but man. It really is a long journey. And I had a first trimester loss so I can't even imagine how it must feel for you. 
  • @PabloAndChristine totally there with you, I feel I've been nonstop pregnant for almost two years now. It's super weird and scary, as I said, just take it one day at a time. 
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  • Congrats! And I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't  even imagine that pain. I'm also a Lovenox mom, so welcome to that club as well! I'm on it for very different reasons, as I have a history of blood clots and pulmonary emboli. 

    This is my 3rd pregnancy this year and I've had nausea with every one of them, so I feel like I've been pregnant and nauseated for forever! I'm also pregnant directly after a loss. It's all unnerving. 

    Hoping for an easy and healthy 9 months for you!
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