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Twatwaffle Tuesday 10/25

Who or what is making you stabby today? 


Re: Twatwaffle Tuesday 10/25

  • My sciatic nerve has been hurting lately. It makes finding a comfy sleeping position so much harder! I already get very little sleep so I don't need more issues!
  • Do pregnancy nosebleeds count? 
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  • My back has been KILLING ME for 2 days and nothing helps except Tylenol which I'm trying to avoid taking too often. Showers and baths don't help, nor do stretching, sleeping, laying, sitting or walking. Ugh.
  • @Patience7150 I think the nicest way is also the cheesiest... perhaps just a good ol' "take a chill pill" would substitute lol but if I'm in a hurry for something, my husband will just calmly tell me "I'll get right on that" but he doesn't budge a muscle. Drives me crazy, so it might be fun for you to do too lol
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  • @marriedhamstermom Freaking A!!!! I hate the home buying process and how obnoxious it is. 

    @kswiger06 - I went to the bathroom, threw a pity party, and came back to do my job to get him off my back. It was not satisfying, and I would have much rather done nothing. 

  • Verizon is a TW. Today was the 4th time I've had to contact them in as many months! The first 3 were the same (still unresolved) issue, but today was about something new appearing on my bill that I neither asked for nor authorized. The guy was all, "you'll need to call this # because i don't have access to the call records." No, I don't need access to the call records bc I'm telling you: I neither requested nor authorized this additional service!  I still have to call. Stop wasting my fucking time, Verizon. 
  • @tentacular old people are the worse about the names.  When my sister told my Grandma she was naming her daughter Emma, she about died.  Would NOT stop with how ugly it was, how it was for old people, etc.  They have NO filter. 

  • @Gretchypoo I'm so sorry about your back! I hope you find some relief soon. 

    @Patience7150 how obnoxious. I would just say "poor planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on my part". Or at this point you should throw politeness out the window and say whatever comes to mind first! 
  • My glucose test is my TW :( and H's work schedule. I'm just not in a happy mood :(
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  • @leslie1331 That's just funny. Emma is such a lovely, inoffensive name. You never know what that generation is going to be horrified by. It seems so random. And there's no explaining your choices: you're just young and wrong and stupid. 
  • well when I had my last appointment on Friday, the dr gave me a prescription for a maternity support belt. ive been trying to get ahold of my insurance, make sure that they'll cover the cost of it, or if I have to. so far, I'm being ducked...and to top it off I'm on partial bedrest. ive been told that the only time I can hold my DD is when I'm sitting down. shes barely 1.5 years old, she doesn't understand whats going on, she only sees that mama isn't holding her much anymore. its painful for both of us, but I'm trying to follow drs orders...and cabin fever is setting in now, severely. :s
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  • @marriedhamstermom sorry to hear. That's a tough decision to make but it sounds like that's probably for the best. If she is lying to you about this, who know what else she has lied about.
  • So we are not closing on the house tomorrow and it was confirmed that the seller's agent has been a snake and led us on. She is now MIA and not responding to anyone... We've decided we've been jerked around enough and will be released from our contract tomorrow. It's a bummer to start the process all over but we just can't trust these people anymore and are not going to hang around waiting for several more months. 
    Dude, she sucks. 
  • ARGH, that blows, @marriedhamstermom. Buying a house is stressful even when things go as planned. I'm sorry you have to let this house go, even if it is for the best. I hope this means that an even better option is coming soon!
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  • @marriedhamstermom - Wow, that REALLY sucks. I'm so sorry! So you have to start your search from scratch? Keeping my fingers crossed you find something even better. After all the stress of closing on our first house last year, I really feel for you. To have to start all over? Beyond sucky. I think you win TW this week. 
  • @marriedhamstermom wow that sucks! I'm so sorry that happened. FX you find a wonderful house soon.
  • @marriedhamstermom I feel for you! What an unprofessional agent! I can't imagine the stress you must be under.  Good luck to you!

    RE: Old people..there's no point in even arguing with them at this point.  That's why I always smile and nod at my 90 year old grandma and then sneak away. They don't even remember what they were talking about 5 minutes later. But I feel for them. 

  • @marriedhamstermom that's the fucking worst :(
  • @marriedhamstermom that's terrible, I'm so sorry. I hope that in the end, you and your H find something even better!
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  • I'm so sorry @marriedhamstermom. That is messed up. I feel like you've been about to close for our whole pregnancies! Hoping you'll get an even better deal now that people are desperate to sell before winter. 

  • @marriedhamstermom hopefully this means that the house which is perfect for you just wasnt available when you started looking but it is now!
  • @marriedhamstermom It really sucks thay you have to restart your search after being this far into the contract. However, if you know the seller's agent is not being honest, you really do not want to be in business with them. Hopefully this is just a sign that the perfect house is now available for you guys!
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @marriedhamstermom I hope this was a blessing in disguise, and that your real dream home is now available and waiting for you. :)
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  • The house you backed out of sounds like a nightmare situation @marriedhamstermom! I'm glad there's other strong options out there for you, and this next one goes as smoothly as possible.

    And I agree with you, if the realtor was that shady what else were they lying about??
  • @marriedhamstermom, I'm so sorry things didn't work out with closing on the house and you guys got stuck dealing with that scumbag realtor. I really hope this is one of these type of things where something else even better comes along for you guys!

    @Jelly Bean 001, I'm sorry you're dealing with all that right now. When I was pregnant with my DD, my DS was also only 1.5 and that was tough enough without dealing with the partial bedrest on top of it! They just don't understand at that age. I hope at least your insurance comes through on the support belt for you.
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