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Fitness and Nutrition check in (10/24)

1.  How far along are you?
2.  How did last week go?
3.  Goals for this week?
4.  GTKY:  what's one "off limits" food you're missing lately? 

Re: Fitness and Nutrition check in (10/24)

  • 1.  9w1d
    2.  Last week was good fitness wise- I was 4/4 workouts so I met my goal. Nutrition was awful. Too much food on the few days I wasn't nauseas, too many carbs on the days I was neauseas.  Yesterday I only ate plain rice with butter and soy sauce, and buns with cheese.  Almost zero nutritional value. Some days I can gag down some fruit and vegetables and some days zero- awful. 
    3.  Same fitness goal this week- 4 workouts- at least 2 of which are weights. Nutrition goal is at least 1 serving of fruit and 1 serving of vegetables each day. Seems ridiculous but it will be an improvement over last week, sadly. 
    4.  I miss Brie. I heart Brie a lot. 
  • 1.  How far along are you? 15+1

    2.  How did last week go? For fitness I met my minimum goal of two walks. Starting slow! It didn't result in the pain I used to have after walking, earlier in the pregnancy, so I was really pleased by that. Food was better than fitness. Now that I can actually eat again I've been craving apples and salads and enjoyed both. Yogurt, peanut butter, healthier snacks. 

    3.  Goals for this week? Ramp it up to three walks and incorporate some stretching. Look into prenatal yoga videos. 

    4.  GTKY:  what's one "off limits" food you're missing lately? Coffee drinks. Been really craving sub sandwiches. 
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  • Yay @HGRich ! I'm so happy you didn't have the pain! 
  • Me too. I'm hoping to get a good routine now while I feel better and before I get huge. 
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