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Fitness Check In 10/24/16

1. What are your goals for this week?

2. How did you do with last week's goals?

3. Rants/raves/questions/complaints?

4. GTKY: Baby purchase you are most excited for. 

Re: Fitness Check In 10/24/16

  • 1. What are your goals for this week? Get any activity in I can. I've been missing my normal classes bc of my schedule this week and then crash later. Trying to motivate myself to exercise later in the day if I miss my morning workout.

    2. How did you do with last week's goals? I've been MIA, so I didn't set any goals -- so I did great, lol.

    3. Rants/raves/questions/complaints? Having to pee all the time is super annoying. I remember it from each pregnancy, but it doesn't get less irritating or interruptive. 

    4. GTKY: Baby purchase you are most excited for. New stroller and boy nursery decor. We've had girls for so long, so it will be fun to change it up a bit.

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    Xstatic3333L Jane
  • 1. I'm a little late to this thread and I've been MIA from the board in general...but my goal was to run about 10 miles this week. (Accomplished 9 last week). However, I've had awful headaches since Monday and have really been struggling from an energy standpoint. I don't know what my deal has been, but it's been getting me down emotionally. 

    2. Did ok last week-9 miles of running and daily "short walks" with my daughter in the morning. 

    3. like I said...this week had just been difficult. Running has been my "vice" I guess you could say. Without it I struggle a little bit. It just clears my mind and makes me happy! I also should prob invest in a support belt. Any suggestions? 

    All of that having been said, I have done the elliptical for 30 minutes every morning this week in combination with some walking. I'm just down on myself for not being able to run. 

    4. With this being baby #4...prob just the cute newborn pajamas/clothes! I will prob get a nice running stroller as well. :) 
  • I'm late too @LJane! You are a rockstar for still running. I haven't tried a support belt yet but I know Amazon has lots of affordable options!

    1. I did poorly with last week's goals. It was just a stressful, busy week and I missed several walk days. Should be back on the horse now. 

    2. Walk and a couple of yoga videos. I can't make any classes this week 

    3. Groin pain is getting me down on my long walks. I can take it, but it sucks!

    4. I already have it, but I was most excited about my jogging stroller. Can't wait to have a little running buddy!

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