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10/24-10/30 Appointments, ultrasounds, blood work etc


Re: 10/24-10/30 Appointments, ultrasounds, blood work etc

  • Have my 27wk OB appt on thurs along with glucose test. I heard from a coworker that this OB does a free 3D so I'm hoping to see if I can schedule that! 
  • I have my monthly apt with the OB on Thursday morning... as long as everything keep measuring normal I don't think I will be getting another ultrasound although I anticipate seeing I am almost 30 weeks apts will go to every other week instead of monthly. 

    @katesmama0706  I have been struggling to maintain my weight the last few years (lost 15lbs for my wedding but then gained it all back and then some) but since being pregnant I have barely gained any. Everyone keeps telling me I am "all bump" but I am not sure if thats a compliment or not. I just want to know baby is growing fine and healthy!

  • Had my midwife appt. I'm now measuring a week ahead! The midwife said baby could have been curled up last time they measured me, which is also maybe why my kicks felt less strong then. She said 2 weeks either way is normal so I won't have a growth scan unless I fall outside of that. 

    Baby's heartbeat and my vitals all look good. I had to have a routine blood test and she was able to find my veins on a first go woo (usually they struggle).

    She also said it's about time to start perinieal massages... I'll have to google search how to do that  :# .

    Oh and she called me Natasha (not my name).
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  • @canavara I remember the first time I was pregnant my friend sent me a picture that showed cervical dialation in relation to household items and I was like "omg a bagel is 10 cm but ummmm isn't a baby's head bigger than a bagel?!" 
  • I had my Rhogam shot yesterday. Fair warning, it is in the butt,(lol no one told me) and about 8 hours after I got it my whole leg ached and is still a little sore today. They warned me, but I thought it wouldn't be that bad. 
  • @canavara oh god this is starting to feel too real. That looks so big, but like you said at the same so small!
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  • It's been a busy week for us.

    Last Thursday I failed my 1 hour glucose test by two points. I was shocked, but I totally felt the drink. I didn't get my order for the 3 hour glucose test until Monday, so I went in Tuesday. That one messed me up bad too. I couldn't hear. I was crying after the third needle because they only had one vein to work with since my other was all bruised from last week. I passed it though with flying colors (83, 168, 135, and a 59 (someone give me a chocolate bar)).

    Today we had our 28 week appointment with the midwife. She couldn't believe I had failed. I had never had elevated proteins in my urine samples, eat a super healthy diet avoiding sugars (seriously, the first drink was more sugar than I have in a week), have been gaining weight perfectly, and haven't had any symptoms. 

    Baby is measuring right on track. He has always measured a few days ahead and continues to do so. Heartbeat was good. He was even headdown, but he flips a lot, so we won't even care too much about that for awhile.

    I got my prescription for my breastfeeding pump and will be ordering that next week. I got my flu shot and tdap shot. I also got an order for some more bloodwork. At 12 weeks my platlets measured low at 144, which isn't too low, but it was weird. My sister has blood clotting disorder and since it's genetic I had myself tested earlier this year and the results were negative. When they did my 1 hour glucose test they also did a CBC and had to do a blood smear test to get a reading, but listed them as appears adequate. Midwife wants a number though and has requested a hand count. Maybe I just have large platlets or there is more than one clotting disorder in my family that we have not discovered yet. I will be waiting until my veins heal before I head back in.

    We start our baby classes next week! DH wanted to do a basics one and I agreed to it. Anything to make him more confident. We are also doing the infant CPR and breastfeeding courses.
  • Had a 30 week appointment today. Was hoping to get my gestational diabetes diagnosis revoked, since I failed the 3 hour by 3 points. No luck. So I'm stuck with this shit. Have to eat healthy, stab myself 4 times a day, and if my numbers start going up, go on meds. So I've been crying all afternoon. It's not fair. I've only gained 8 pounds (I know it isn't about weight, but still.) Now I have so much more stress and worry. Plus I can't be a regular pregnant lady and eat crap when I want. Pregnancy blows. They will induce me around 39 weeks. So I can't even experience going into labor naturally. I'm over this. I thought pregnancy was going to be magical. Nope. It's a shit show.
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    Please, don't be so hard on yourself. These kinds of things happen and we just have to power thru it. You are so close to meeting baby. Focus on the good and take care of yourself.
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  • @AmRe214 it's intramuscular so it can be given in the butt. All of mine have been administered in the left arm. I wanted them to administer in my leg or butt cheek so I could still sleep on my side, but no such luck. If you get it after delivery you can request it be given in the arm.
  • @urbanorchidgirl sorry you were so close and are having to add in all of that extra stuff to the pregnancy. As far as being induced, it's still possible for you to go into labor on your own before 39 weeks and experience that!
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  • I echo @nolemomma14. Also, I'm not an expert by any means, but I think if your numbers are controlled and your baby is growing appropriately, an induction at 39 weeks or before is not always necessary. I personally know several people that were diagnosed with GD that were not allowed to go past their due date, but were not given 39 weeks as the hard stop deadline. Basically, they could delivery naturally up until the due date if their GD was controlled (without insulin) and all their growth scans and such were on point during the last trimester. Of course, this is personal and probably also specific to your doctor's practice, but I wouldn't rule it out.

    FWIW, I am essentially following the GD diet now and I do not have a diagnosis. On my 3 hour test, I passed the fasting, 1 hour, and 3 hour draws with a huge margin. My 2 hour draw was elevated by one point above the threshold (156 and should have been 155 or below). You need 2 elevated levels in the 3 hour test to be diagnosed with GD; this is the standard. I'm not sure what you mean by you failed by 3 points? My doctor, and most guidelines that I have read, think it is best practice to follow the diet, perhaps not as strictly, if you have one elevated level because you may have an impaired glucose tolerance. I don't need to stick myself, but the diet really isn't that bad. I feel great. I'm even meeting with a dietitan next week to go over a few things since I won't be monitoring my levels or checking in with anyone about it more routinely if I had GD. You can do this. It's a very small span of time in the scheme of things. And almost everyone that I know IRL has said that the GD diet kept them feeling healthy up through delivery and made their weight loss post partum much easier. 
  • @urbanorchidgirl I'm sorry you are feeling this way. Just know that 10 weeks from now you'll be holding that baby and how he got there won't matter anymore. You are allowed to feel frustrated though. Do something nice for yourself. You deserve it.

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    I had my MFM appointment yesterday to check my cervix. It has continued to shorten and is now down to 1.3cm. I'm internally freaking the eff out. There is nothing they nor I can do to stop it, therefore I'm just supposed to continue on with life as normal knowing that there is a chance I could go into labor at any minute. Right. 

    I go back in two weeks and if it's below 1cm then they will give me steroid shots to help develop the baby more quickly. I'm 30 weeks today so as of now, my goal is to make it to 34 weeks. 

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  • @LastMango I'm glad to hear an update from you! I didn't see you on for a few days and I was starting to get nervous. Did your doctor do the FFN swab to check for possible, imminent labor? I'm just curious if it would help them better predict what could happen going forward. Also I got the steroid shots already. They weren't nearly as bad as I thought they would be - minus the awkwardness of getting a shot in your ass. But I wasn't sore after either round. I've set my sights on 34 weeks too. Here's hoping you make it there and beyond! 
  • I'm sorry, @lastmango. I was actually just wondering how your check in went. Is there any standard of what cervical length should be for how far along you are? I'll be hoping the best for you.
  • @urbanorchidgirl I'm so sorry, I completely understand the way you're feeling. While I'm not in your exact boat, pregnancy has been a lot more difficult, emotional, painful and upsetting than I expected it to be. It can be hard to explain and tough for those close to us to understand--I know my husband feels like I'm "being mean to our baby" when I complain about being miserable. They say you'll forget all the downsides once you hold your baby in your arms, and I have to believe that! Hang in there, the end is in sight!

    @LastMango, I hope you make it to your goal of 34 weeks! While it must be exciting to be so close to meeting your babe, the 'internal freaking' is certainly relatable--I'm not sure I could maintain my composure if any moment could be THE moment! Wishing you all the best!
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  • I had my 1 hour glucose test and monthly check in with my Dr yesterday. With my DD1 I failed the 1 hour test the first go around so I'm hoping everything comes back OK this time around. I definitely do NOT want to drink that sugary drink again. 

    Thinking bak on it now, I don't even think my Dr. told me what I was measuring at or what the heartbeat was at. She measured me and did the doppler but I don't remember he telling me. She was in the room with me for about 5 minutes.

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  • @LastMango I'm so sorry you're having to be in a stressful state! I sure have my FX for your cervix to hold steady and strong! 

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  • And I just got the call back from my Doctor that I failed the 1 hour glucose test.. again. So frustrating LOL Can't wait for my 3 hour test next week! 

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  • @LoneStar21416 I passed the fasting fine, my 1 hour was 183, which is 3 points over the max. I did fail the 2 hour by 20 points, but my 3 hr was great (74). So if my 1 hour was (ok, 4) points lower technically I would have passed. It's just so much more stress that I don't need. I'm terrified to eat anything. 
  • Thanks for all the sweet words of encouragement ladies. 

    @christac1010 I have no idea what an FFN swab even is. All they keep telling me is there is nothing they can do to stop it. Recent studies have shown bed rest to be counter-productive so I should continue on as usual. Luckily I'm not having any contractions or any other red flags. I could go to 40 weeks, I could have this kiddo tomorrow. The unknown is messing with me! Good to know about the steroid shots! Fingers crossed we both make it to a minimum of 34 weeks!

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  • Thinking of you @LastMango!!
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  • @LastMango @christac1010 keeping you both in my thoughts, fingers crossed for an uneventful few weeks to come! 

    @urbanorchidgirl I'm so sorry that you're feeling this way, it's completely understandable to be frustrated. As others have said, very soon this will be behind you. Allow yourself to be upset, but also show yourself some kindness and love. It'll all be ok.
  • Had my 28 week appointment this week. As is the case with some previous posters, all I get are fundal height measurements. Right now I'm measuring "on the small side of normal," but my OB wasn't concerned.

    tomorrow we have a Late Pregnancy Class, which seems to be focused on recognizing signs of early labor.
  • @marynog is the class through Kaiser? 
  • @aishmc it is! we pretty much signed up for as many of the Kaiser classes as possible, since they're all covered.
  • @marynog are they making you wait forever for the Preparing for Childbirth class? The education lady I spoke to tried to book me for 12/29, you know, just 5 days before I'm due. We were able to get 12/3, but she insisted that's as early as I could go.  

    I was concerned about not getting ready if I go into preterm labor. Guess I should have signed up for the other third tri class.
  • @aishmc they are! So irritating! They wouldn't look at classes sooner than 4 weeks before the due date. It's silly, it's not like the information would be wasted if we could take the class earlier. Can't believe they tried to book you for less than a week before your due days :: smh ::

     I imagine there are still spots available in a Late Pregnancy class, there are so many Kaiser facilities around here. You might have to go to one slightly further away, like somewhere in the Peninsula...I'll let you know how it goes today and if the info is worth the trouble.
  • @aishmc has the class this morning. We talked about exercises to cope with back pain and potentially labor, signs of labor, what happens at the hospital, and what to expect postpartum. Our instructor also talked about how partners can support moms in the labor room and after labor.  I expect all the information will be repeated in the childbirth class, but some things like the exercises were nice to know now. 
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